Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Palo Santo, a Love Story

Gene's taking care of some personal business so I thought I'd use his slot to try something a little different. Beer labels are used mainly as a selling tool but also have to cram a lot of information into a very small space (unless you're Old Guardian, but that's ridiculous.) I enjoyed a bottle of Palo Santo so much one night, I thought I'd write it a love letter. Since this is out of my usual stylistic comfort zone, I'm sure the grammar police will have some issues with it. Have another donut and chill, grammar police. This is what I think should have been on the label:

Ode to Dogfish Head Palo Santo

This beer is darker than dark. It has a film like black-strap molasses and a silky tan colored head. The smell is like perfectly done caramel pop-corn with very small hints of strawberry. It stirs memories of an ice cream parlor on the hottest day of summer. Like a luxiourous black forest cake, it eminates tantilizing richness that's almost too intense to endure, but impossible to deny. Perfectly balanced and decadent, this brown ale deserves a category all to itself.

The promise of scent is not betrayed by the flavor therein. This beer is thick and sticky and raw, but just below the surface are uncounted coplexities and refinement. The amount of sheer sensation contained in a single sip can overwhelm even the most assiduous. Put simply: It's like a silk hankerchief covering the engine block of a '63 Mustang.

Smoke, Fruit, Caramel and  Vanilla, with a slight hopiness ensure that this beer is one you won't soon forget. At 12% ABV, it's not going to forget you either. Forget your nandy-pandy sissy beers, Dogfish Head once again proves themselves brewing artisans of the highest calibur through this masterpiece, Palo Santo.

We should resume our regularly scheduled program next week. I'll be running the best entry (by Paul from http://www.yeastboundanddown.com/) from our T-Shirt giveaway on Wednesday.

The deadline is almost here, so all you procrastinators out there have one final chance to send a review to ataleoftwobrewers@gmail.com ! As always, leave any comments, complaints, rants, Viagra links, or Chinese stock advice in the comments below!

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