Monday, May 9, 2011

Back in the Saddle

A real tragedy happened in my house about 4 weeks ago. All four of my kegs went bone dry. My kegerator was completely tapped out. A home of a brewer, with absolutely no homebrew. How is that possible? How could I let that happen? Well never fear. My track season is over, and I have an ambitious plan. I plan on brewing something different the next 4 weeks. That's right, 4 weeks, 4 brews. Watch out people, this could be the most exciting thing since bread started being sliced in 1928.

I'm off to a great start. I brewed this past Friday and things went great. The weather was beautiful, and I finally cracked the binding on my new brewing book I got for Christmas... Yeast. I brewed a Newcastle clone for my wife from the book CloneBrews (now in the second edition). The recipe was easy to follow, and it came with an all-grain side-bar. Converting the recipe into Beersmith took only a few minutes. Before I knew it I'm picking it up my order the next day and I'm ready to rock. I also remembered to pick up my first blow-off tube from Heart's. I've learned my lesson after blowing the top off my airlock the past few brews.

As I've already mentioned, brewing went off without a hitch. The HERMS system is still working beautifully. I only missed my OG by .02 points. I'm super excited to try this brew. The color is spot on to be a Newcastle clone, and it smelled fantastic. The fermenter has been bubbling vigorously the past two days, and I'll be racking to my secondary on my next brew day, which should be Friday afternoon or Saturday morning.

I've been planning out these upcoming brews. The Newcastle clone has been a long time coming, and I'm excited to try my hand at designing my first IPA this week. I'm a little at a loss for the next two however, and I'm looking for some good ideas (remember, I can't brew any lagers... yet). Summer time's a coming, so I'm looking at doing something light. Not entirely sure what. I've been thinking a pale ale or a white ale. I recently brewed a wheat, which came out great, but I'm looking for something new. If you have any good ideas drop a post below! Also, give the quiz a try! I'm dyin' to give out some Newcastle shirts!

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