Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Beer Shampoo

So this Friday I had decided to take a break from brewing. Three Fridays in a row seems like a pretty good track record in my opinion. Well, I had some things to do out and about, and some around the house. Honestly, it was mostly because I hadn't sat down and did some gaming in ages.

However I did set aside an hour to do beer things. First thing was to keg the IPA (smells fantastic), hook up the Newcastle Clone (tastes fantastic), and transfer the blonde to the secondary with oak chips (sounds fantastic). Things were pretty standard. Trying to get the pan full of oak chips (i boiled them in a frying pan) into the next of a better bottle carboy proved to be a little difficult. Ever see Mike Rowe heard cows? It's like that on a smaller scale.

My biggest problem was hooking up the Newcastle clone to my kegerator. I got these nice and shiny brand new Perlick faucets. They look absolutely beautiful. A brilliantly sculpted piece of steel (much like the millennium falcon, or the aluminum mallard). Well like usual I hook up the faucet and have my head buried in the kegerator when I hook up the keg and the beer starts flying. Which is frustrating since the last time I had beer in the kegerator the same thing happened. There's still a little stout on the ceiling. This time I got beer in my hair. Looking back now I'm not really sure how it happened since my head was in the kegerator when it sprayed. Mysteries of the world I guess. First problem is that I hadn't tightened the faucet enough. Apparently you have to wiggle them a little bit as they seat on the shank to get a good fit. My next problem I still haven't figured out. For whatever reason the faucet does not seem to want to close. At this point I really can't figure out why. I ran out of patience before I figured it out. I did notice that the beer was totally flat, which tells me i didn't have enough pressure in the keg to carbonate. I've read here and there that this pressure holds the Perlick faucet closed. Once I renew my now spent pool of patience, I'll give it another go.

Anyone had this trouble with the Perlicks? Post below and let me know!

And while I have a second, next week I'll be in Jamaica, so no post from me on Monday! Splobucket will be lying on the beach, drink in hand, soaking up the sunlight, a la Kenny Chesney song.


  1. Great post man.  Any suggestions for a good "beach beer" we might not know about? (beyond Corona, which we know you have a fondness for)

  2. SOL Beer :) a nice easy to drink classic beach beer.

  3. Beach beer? I think beach beer I think easy to drink and refreshing. Any cervezas like Tecate or Dos Equis is great. If you're looking for more body try going with a whit or hefeweizen (like UFO).

  4. Beach beer needs to be cold which means you won't really taste it. I agree
    with Gene but I would also suggest sticking to beer that is either in cans
    (broken glass is bad news on the beach) or has a painted on label (ie
    corona) that won't get all mushy in a bucket of ice. Cans can also be kept
    colder in a "koozie."