Monday, May 23, 2011

The brewing continues

There's nothing better than another Friday of brewing!

This past Friday I brewed ATOTB #02: Clean Blonde with the thoughts that I'm going to be aging it over wood chips. I think that this could actually go quite well. I've heard from some people that aging over wood makes the beer taste like a rotten oak tree, but with age I'm sure it can get better.

The brewing itself went much smoother than the week before. No burns, bad backs, missed OGs (sorta). No major malfunctions. I did however run dry while I was sparging. Apparently a bubble occured in my hose between my HLT and my MT, which stopped water from getting to my sparge. This caused me to miss my OG by .01 points, because the sugar wasn't extracted from the grains as efficiently as possible. The beer will be a little lighter, but the flavor profile should be similar. It's currently fermenting away in my closet, and next week it will be aged over the toasted oak chips.

While brewing I took the opportunity to move Nikki's Newcastle Clone into a keg, and the IPA into the secondary. If I do say so myself, the Newcastle clone smells absolutely phenomenal. I can't wait to give it a try. I am also impressed with the IPA's fermentation. After transferring it to the secondary, it again developed a small layer of krausen indicating there was still yeast activity. Maybe I didn't ruin the IPA after all!

On a side note, the world was supposed to end yesterday. Yeah... the fact I'm still writing this says something about that. Unless of course the end of the world means all of my warranties have ended, because everything seems to be breaking down this past week or two. I had to bring Nikki's car into the shop, she's at the physical therapist, I had to fix the pool, and just this morning my computer monitor bit the dust. What's next?

The end of the world is here, and it looks like a bunch of broken consumer electronics.

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