Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Pop Quiz!

Alright everyone. The beer review contest went pretty well, but i still have a few shirts left. My wife came up with a great idea straight out of 7th period math class, a quiz! Use the new blog search bar that you'll find in the upper right corner of our page and scour the blog for answers! Answers will start off easy and get progressively harder.

A Tale Of Two Brewers Quiz!
1) What state does Brewer Gene live in?
2) What state does Brewer Nick live in?
3) What is the date of the first ever post?
4) What is the date of today's post?
5) What was the first beer reviewed?
6) When did Brewer Nick sign on as a co-author?
7) What does HERMs stand for?
8) In Gene's first batch of beer, he forgot to add something. What?
9) Nick's brewing nemesis recently got arrested. What was his name?
10) What was the most frustrating part of Gene's kegerator build?

Ok, this is where we seperate the men from the boys. Extra tough questions.
11) What's Gene's favorite Olympic sport?
12) What's Nick's wife favorite hobby?
13) Using a special tweak Gene fixed the foamyness of his kegerator. How?
14) Gene has an article posted on the net. Where at?

Last but not least the tiebreaker. Creativity and humor is applauded. In the event of a tie I'll look at these answers and pick the one I like best!

15) If you had a grain named after you, what kind would it be and what would it contribute to a beer? (Extra points for a fancy name)

Good luck everyone! Again, you have a month. That puts you at June 3rd! Go! Put the answers down in an email and send off to ataleoftwobrewers@gmail.com! You might win a free shirt!!

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