Monday, June 13, 2011

F-ing Peacocks

I'm back! And Jamaica was fantastic. I was excited to see that they actually talk and say "Ya mon" like they do in the movies. The truth is, they actually say it more frequently. Now you may say, yeah but they probably pay them to do it for the tourists. My thoughts exactly, but I kept an eye out, and even outside the compound o' luxury the natives were using "ya mon" like it was going out of style. The beaches were beautiful. Food and booze was bountiful. Best of all, it was all included. I'd include a picture but this is a beer blog.

Which is why I want to say F PEACOCKS. Apparently they're in Jamaica, which is great and all. My wife and I were equally impressed when we saw peacocks everywhere like pigeons in New York City (ok maybe not that many). Yeah, they're beautiful birds. But when the sun sets they turn into little howling demons from the 7th circle of hell. A bird a quarter mile away sounds like it's next door. Birds on the other side of the resort were easily heard. The cry they make sounds like some twisted Hitler experiment mix between a dying cat and a screaming baby. Now I see peacocks and I want to wring their shiny little necks. Be glad the US does not have peacocks.

Whew. Now that I have that off my chest, an informal beer review. The only beer they have in Jamaica (at the Sandals resort) is Red Stripe. Jamaaaaaaican for beer mon! I do like the commercials, and they do have some alternate varieties (lite and bold), neither of which I tried. Unfortunately, and I'm being nice, it tastes like a Budweiser knockoff. Not being nice, it tastes like a skunky Budweiser knockoff. I'm all about supporting the local beer (if it is in fact, local). And it was free. If gasoline had alcohol in it and was free... well I'd put it in my car, but not after drinking a bit.

Had a good foreign beer experience? A bad one? Share! Post below!

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  1. When I was in England, our college pub was subsidized by the government; we got 20oz pints of Carling for 85 pence (about $1.70 at that time).  Totally worth it.

    I also fondly look back on the first time I ordered Budvar (Czechvar in the USA) in Prague. One Liter was about $2 or so.  It tasted like manna from heaven... the whole liter of it.