Monday, September 5, 2011

Viva La Revolution!

Another Friday brew day has come and past. A big ol' carboy sits bubbling away in the corner of my closet. With every belch of CO2 it comes closer and closer to it's doomed destiny... Of being drank.

Well someone has to take one for the team, so thanks beer! Friday went off without a hitch, and I implemented some of my new methods that should have improved my equipment efficiency. I added a valve onto my March pump to throttle back the flow when it came time to sparge. I left my hot liquor tank on the burner to A) keep the sparge water at a nice consistent temperature and B) save the skin on my legs from becoming necrotic bits of hang tags by bumping into the burner. In the long run, I probably just saved my own life. I also sparged a little extra time, this time for an hour and fifteen minutes. The new methods worked amazing. Everything went off without a hitch. I hit my temperatures right on, and most importantly, this brew day signifies the end of a long battle against my own brewing equipment. I hit my OG right on at 1.052. I'm back up to %75 efficiency right where I should be.

It was a long fight. But I come out victorious. A little scathed, a little bruised, but victorious. I now have another brew day planned for next Friday in which I will be brewing a hefeweizen for a friend's 50th (?) birthday. My fellow brewer at work (aka the competition) got himself a grain mill. So this week I'll try having him grind my grain for me and see how it works out. It'd be great if I could get my efficiency above %80. Hopefully I can trust him and he wont switch my grain with bird suet.

On a side note I'd like to point out an exciting trend. It seems to me like the homebrew movement is really taking off. Craft brew bars seem to be popping up everywhere. Craft brew pubs are becoming more prominent. Unexpectedly, when I last went to Target (Target people!), they had an influx of new and unique beers across there shelves. Just today I might this guy Guy from Naples who also was a homebrewer. He was saying how he has to order his stuff online because the closest brew store is here in Orlando (almost 4 hours away, and I imagine that's without the inevitable traffic jam). However, a World of Beer just opened up, and he might be getting his own homebrew store down there. I also see a lot of news articles about the circulation of craft beer. Even the rise of the Beer Bloggers Conference! (And I just realized I completely missed it without realizing. Wow.) It seems that a beer revolution is coming. Tear down your idols! Viva la Beer Revolution!

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