Monday, September 26, 2011

Beereview: Z

Relative to past weeks, this week in brewing has not been as active. I was supposed to keg my Sa-wheat! on Friday and make some modifications/upkeep changes on my draught system. Yeah that didn't happen. You see there was this crazy video game hiding from me when I got home from work. When I was getting ready to do something productive it pounced me in a way that would make Hobbes jealous! I fought it as best I could but in the end I had to submit... and the game proceeded to torture me the rest of the afternoon.

Really. I swear. Because I was also planning to take a nap which also didn't happen. It was a rough day.

I did end up doing some cleaning up today. Mostly rearranging my toolbox and my equipment. But I'm much more organized now. Whoopie.

I just started really paying attention to my twitter account again, and it looks like that I started just a little too late. I caught up with two twitter posts that I would've killed to participate in. One is Mutineer Magazine's Canfest Blogger Contest. The winner gets a trip to Reno to attend Canfest, which celebrates craft beer served in cans! I coulda totally won... but I found out too late, so you might as well vote away! If you're too impatient to read the other blogs, I'd recommend voting for my fellow Floridian, RoadTripsforBeer.

The other is's (Brewers Association) Craft Beer Tattoo contest. This one I'm really ticked about not finding out about. I think my tattoo would have totally won. Oh well, I'll try again next year. By the way, did I tell you guys I got a brew tattoo? Soon enough.

Beereview time! I picked up "Z" at my local homebrew store, Heart's Homebrew. They don't really advertise that they sell beer there, but if you wander into the back you'll find some refrigerators with a few random beers. This beer hails from the Fort Collins Brewery, Fort Collins, Colorado. According to the label it's a rauchbier which is easily described as a smoked lager. Actually, this will be my first rauchbier so I'm excited to try it. Lets pop this top.

Z pours a beautiful amber color, much like the color of really dark honey, or a light maple syrup. The head is thin, and slightly beige. The aroma is sweet, but not very strong. If someone hadn't told me it was a smokey beer, I wouldn't have noticed any smoke in the aroma. And I still don't. Slighty malty smelling, not hoppy. First sip was a surprise. At first sweet, and then delightfully smokey. Not smokey like Stone's Smoked Porter, but a subtle smoke. I wouldn't have thought that smokey and lager would have gone hand in hand, but I really enjoy the flavors in this beer. Slightly malty, slightly caramel, slightly smokey. Just a touch of each. And very smooth. It makes me want to go eat a burger...

Know of any contests out there? Let me know! I'm always up for a challenge. Also, be sure to check out my page on Feel free to friend me!

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