Monday, September 19, 2011

State of the World Address

From time to time I like to tune in and post to our readers about the state of the craft beer world as I know it. Truthfully I don't do it as often as I should, but I'm making a better attempt at it. My wife was a little confused when I told her the other night that I was going to stay up and "talk to the internets." But that's exactly what I did. It's entertaining, enlightening, and it gets me a few more hits on my site. What? I'm just sayin...

Which wants me to also let you guys know, there's two great communities out there to meet other brewers on. Maybe you already know them, but maybe not. HomeBrewTalk.Com is the first really obvious one. There's a very vast amount of knowledge on Homebrewtalk, and everyone's always willing to lend a hand. Usually people respond quick enough so you can even get answers to brewing emergencies.

The other is Reddit. If you've been on the internet, you're probably already familiar with the funny looking little alien. I'm willing to bet that if you've never heard of Reddit, you'd recognize the funny little alien. I got hooked on Reddit a few weeks ago and then stumbled across something amazing. Reddit has it's own homebrewing section!! Reddit Homebrewing is a much more casual layout than HomeBrewTalk is. There's no groups, no memberships. Just your login and a symbol. Reddit is a good place to brag and talk about your achievements and others. Aside from brewing Reddit images are funny as hell. Also, keeping tabs on Reddit will keep you ahead of the latest internet meme. Holy crap! Ben Franklin? Nope. Chuck Testa.

In addition, I've also been paying attention to another site called "Pintley." It's almost the Facebook of beer. Login, rate beers, check in to places, friend people, commment, etc. They've also got a great App for both the iPhone and the Android.

You can look me up under HomeBrewTalk, Reddit, and Pintley under "Splobucket." Drop me a line!

The biggest news I got in the past week is a great article reporting some Wall Street based news. Coincidentally I mentioned about the exciting new trend a week or two ago about the growing popularity of craft beer (Viva La Revloution!). What with new new popularity of places like World of Beer and The Flying Saucer. People are talking about craft beer these days as if the Beatles were resurrected. Popularity is good. Anyone who wants to ask any questions about craft beer, ask away. One thing about beer brewers, whether they're snobs, geeks, or gurus, is that we always want to help a brotha out. Only difference really is that the snob will smack you when you say, "well I like Sam Adams, that's craft right?" But don't worry, the snobs hit like little girls, and then they'll point you in the right direction.

Well two weeks later I got forwarded this article from a coworker, and fellow beer enthusiast. "The Eight Beers Americans No Longer Drink." The title got me intrigued, but also set in numbers what I had been preaching from my soap box about weeks before. Craft beer is taking over and the big name breweries are losing. Now I'm not one to overthrow the government, and I surely dont want people losing their jobs. The big breweries are now just going to have to work a little harder to wipe away the stigma of "big brewery = cheap beer." Here are the three smallest losers on the list of eight. Percent sales loss is between 2006 and 2010.

8- Budweiser from Anheuser Busch has dropped 30%.
7- Milwaukee's Best Lite from Millercoors Brewing dropped 34%.
6- MGD from MillerCoors Brewing dropped 51%.

And the list goes on from there. Check it out. And if anyone asks. sent you.

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