Monday, October 24, 2011

Beereview: Magic Hat Double Header

So Halloween is coming up. Whoopie. I've never really liked Halloween. I can't tell you why. My wife asks every year. I just don't. So now we have a tradition of pumpkin carving and candy-dispersing. I'll carve a pumpkin with her, just as long as I get to use any power tool I've got. She hands out candy all night, while I sit in the back yard occupying the dogs so they don't go ballistic on a kid. People will liken my distaste for Halloween from some incident that happened in my childhood. Nope. I was going to dress up for work this year, but it turns out my big licensing exam is the day of our party. Idea fail.

Looking back at that paragraph it sounds like I'm in an awful mood. I'm really not. Especially since I'm about to crack open two new and exciting beers! Lets leave the whole Halloween thing at this. I don't like it. I will do the obligatory seasonal ale review next week, but not because I like it! Because this is bigger than me, it's about you. The readers.

Where's my Academy Award?

No real news from the world of beer this week. As you're reading this at your desk while you're not doing work (it's cool with me, just don't let your boss catch you), my beers are being submitted to Heart's for the Sunshine Challenge. Results will be at the end of November, hopefully I can return with some great news! Also, thanks to "Firsttraxx," I've realized there's a carbonation stone out there that's supposed to make carbonating a lot easier. I'm putting an order together in the next few weeks... That just might be on it.

Lets crank out these beereviews! (My wife, again, is breathing down my neck for a new beer to try)

I'm delightfully impressed by these Magic Hat beers. I had a Magic Hat back in the day, pre-beer englightenment, and I didn't like it. For years, I never came around to picking up another bottle. But those 12 pack samplers get me weak in the knees every time (but that's probably just the degenerative bone disease). But these Magic Hat's are great. Now lets see if I eat my words after opening up these next two bottles.

First! Magic Hat: Humble Patience, an Irish Red! This beer pours a great red-amber, true to style. The head rests at about 1/4" and dissipates in under a minute without leaving any lacing on the glass. The aroma is sweet, with a very very slight hop bite. DRINK! A malty beer. The beer isn't too sweet, but not bitter. It's light bodied and easy to drink. It has a very slight strange aftertaste to it.

NEXT! Magic Hat: Hex Ourtoberfest. Magic Hat's version of an Oktoberfest (get it? ourtoberfest?). The funky label is adorned by some seedy looking gents at a wooden picnic table kicking back steins of beer. It would sure be nice to be doing that right now.... Oh well. Lets pop this top. Aroma isn't strong, and not very present. Slighty sweet. No hop presence. Head is similar to the Humble Patience, initially 1/4" and fleeting. The first sip is great! It's got a slight taste that seems akin to the manufactured craft beers, but barely noticible. The beer is sweet with German malt. Body is appropriate to that of a lager. The beer is easy to drink and satisfies a number of taste buds.

So did Magic Hat make me eat my words? I'd say definitely not.

Humble Patience isn't a groundbreaking beer, but it is easy to drink. The sweet aroma doesn't really come through in the flavor. While a half-decent addition to the Magic Hat arsenal, not the best Irish Red I've had. Would I drink it again? You bet. Recommend it? Probably not.

HeX Ourtoberfest is great. Easy to drink, great appearance, light but still satisfies a bunch of tastes. A good seasonal beer that doesn't take the aspect of "seasonal" and beat you across the face with it. I'd definitely recommend as a light bodied, easy example of an Oktoberfest.

Feeling the Magic Hat? Maybe not? Post below! Let us know!

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