Monday, October 31, 2011

Beereview: Pumking

I had a little qualm in my head today. One part of my brain said, "screw the Halloween post, you've actually got some material to write about!" The other half said "tradition is tradition, lets celebrate this holiday." As sure as a Jehova's Witness at 8:30 AM on a Saturday (for the love of god!!! the new generation sleeps in past 7am!!), tradition is tradition, so I'll pick up some little tidbits I've learned for next week.

Currently I postponed my blogging for about an hour because one thing I do like about Halloween is carving the pumpkins. I hate scooping out the guts. There's a reason why I'm no forensic pathologist. I do like that I get to use my power tools (particularly my reciprocating saw), and I try to come up with incredibly nerdy pumpkins. In case you haven't noticed already there is a pretty big inner geek inside me. Some that know me might not even think that it's too "inner" per-say. Last year I got noticed on the block with my Pumpkin-Pi pumpkin (noticed by nerdy adults, and no one under 12). I've got a few ideas for this year, but we'll see what pans out.

Today we have a beer from the Southern Tier Brewing Company which is located, as you probably guessed, out of Lakewood, New York? Someone's a little confused. Regardless, I picked up a bottle of their "Pumking" just for this occasion. I love the bottle. It's got all the information a beer geek such as myself drink up (pun intended). 8.6% ABV. Made with 2 row pale malt, caramel malt, and pureed pumpkin (ok pureed pumpkin sounds gross). Hopped with Magnum and Sterling hops, and should be served in a goblet at 40 degrees. My pint glass and 36 will have to do. It's also got a nice little anecdote regarding the Puca, some mythical beast. But I'll let you read that for yourself. Lets rock.

The beer pours a nice copper color, and retains a pretty decent off-white head of foam. The smell is... Well... Pumpkin-y. No hops, no malt, all pumpkin aroma. Which... smells kinda gross. The first taste... made me gag. This beer is pretty revolting. I could see if you're a big fan of eating pumpkin innards, but this tastes nothing like mom's pumpkin pie and everything like the inside of a pumpkin. Sorry Southern Tier, the taste is very unique. Too unique for my taste. I just can't stomach this one. I'd rather go scoop out some pumpkin innards. Which I'm now going to go do.

Disagree? Let me know! Post below!


  1. I agree with you on the Pumking, but then I'm not one for pumpkin beers. As for the "Southern Tier", that refers to the bottom half of New York State, which I'm not far from myself. Don't let Pumking ruin Southern Tier Brewing for you, they have anumber of other good beers.

  2. I gotta say....pumpkin brews are hit or miss, but this one was damn good.  Just enough nutmeg and a nice amount of pumpkin flavor.

  3. I am sipping on a bit of Pumking right now, and I have to disagree with you. If you aren't a fan of pumpkin flavor, that's OK, this beer isn't for you. Compared to other pumpkin beers I've tried this one is has the most balanced flavor of pumpkin with the spice you expect in a pumpkin pie. It's creamy and buttery and makes me feel warm and happy inside. Sorry it didn't do that for you. Happy Halloween!

  4. Guys thanks for commenting! I agree that the pumpkin just isn't for me (much like the Chelada). But for all you guys pounding your liquid pumpkin, Happy Halloween!

  5. I absolutely love reading your blogs........great writing with fun and wit.
    And besides I am leaning a bit about beer too :-)

  6. Gene wrote this one, but I'm sure he appreciates the compliment!

  7. OH and you know I am a "Pi" girl so I love the pumpkin "Pi".........