Monday, November 21, 2011

Can't stand the heat?

I'm not going to lie. This is going to be a shorter post than usual. Stayed out late last night in down town Orlando, and I'm paying for it today. I don't know how my wife bounces back so quick...

I did get the chance to brew this weekend! This Saturday morning I brewed what I think is going to end up being a spiced witbier. We'll see. My idea was to have a spiced American pale ale, minus the hops. That landed me right in the realm of witbier and Belgian wheat beers. Currently my concoction is bubbling away in the closet.

While brewing I also took the time to try the more common method of force-carbonation that seems to be popular on the internet. My buddy Jeremy clued me in on this method which I had been ignoring for some time. Brute force. Crank up the regulator and shake the crap out of the beer. Results have yet to be determined.

I am excited to say that my new paint job on my Bayou burner is working fantastic. These burners are fantastic. I'm willing to bet money on that it's the first accessory home brewers buy when starting up. If you don't have one already, go out and get one. Especially right after Thanksgiving when they'll probably be marked down. The downside to these wonderful cookers are the paint job. If you've ever purchased a gas grille that cost less than $100, you probably know what I'm talking about. When you fire it up for the first time, all the paint burns off, leaving you with bare, rust-prone metal. Well I came across a can of high temp (2000 F) Rustoleum paint. I was skeptical whether or not the propane flame burns hotter than that. I suppose looking back I could have done the research, but I didn't. Well I gave my burner a nice coat of black paint and gave it a whirl. This stuff works awesome. After my first brew day which consists of almost 2 hours of heating the mash tun, and an hour and a half heating my wort, not a single bit of paint flaked off. So after 3 and a half hours of almost constant heat, this stuff stuck strong. It doesn't look like it plans on coming off either. For the love of god, if you have a burner, and I know you do, go pick this stuff up. For the $5 it's worth, it's no question whether or not to get it. Plus you can give your burner a little flair, since it comes in a few different colors. If you're burner's rusty, and I know you aren't going to brush any of it off, that's ok. Since it's Rustoleum it loves that stuff. Below is a photo of my burner after the 3.5 hours of burning. It looks great.

Stick a fork in me, I'm done. Use those burners for something good. Maybe even use it for what they're made for, and deep fry a turkey this week. Please though, don't blow yourself up. We don't have a huge cult of loyal followers yet, so we need every one we can get. Have a happy Thanksgiving!

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