Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Post Thanksgiving Roundup

Welcome back to all who have survived Thanksgiving. Little do people know that Thanksgiving is probably one of the most dangerous holidays. To you that are still reading today: you have survived the trials and tribulations of many, if not all, of the following...

1 - Deep Fried Turkey Bombs
2 - The In Laws
3 - Burnt Stuffing
4 - The Inevitable Food Coma
5 - Gridlock Traffic / Airport Terminals
6 - Spilled Gravy
7 - Hunting Season
8 - Black Friday
9 - Cyber Monday
10 - "Occupy Thanksgiving"

Again, congratulations all you continued readers. If you know another reader who hasn't made it, my apologies. But don't bother unsubscribing him from his site membership, we love the inflated numbers.

Brewing update! My spiced witbier is about ready to be thrown into the secondary which I will end up doing tomorrow. It smells fantastic, and if it tastes half as good as it smells, I may be on to something.

Carbonation via the shake until your balls drop approach (see "the impatient method" here) worked quite well. I've carbonated both my wheat and my blonde and I'm relatively happy. I'm afraid the wheat might have too much citrus in it, which I'm hoping will age out of the beer. The blonde ale is quite malty, maybe a little more malty than I was expecting. I need a second opinion.

My burner paint job is still holding strong save one area. The burner itself (not the stand) is showing a little rust where the flames come in closest contact with the paint. This is acceptable to me! So it still looks great.

My oak aged beer is not fairing so well. After two months of aging the beer still tasted like garbage. Ok, not exactly like garbage, because I dont think my dog Sam would even drink it. I could be wrong. Well I decided to hop the crap out of it and eliminate any oak taste. Well hop the crap out of it I did. Now it tastes like you're drinking a bottle of lemon fresh Pine Sol, without the lemons. Which I suppose would just be Pine Sol. Now I really have to figure out what to do with it and get on to brewing more beer!

Any good close encounter turkey stories out there? Put your brewing pot to it's use of it's original calling? Let me know! Post below!

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