Friday, December 9, 2011

Public Service Announcement and Beereview of Flying Fish Grand Cru Winter Reserve

We usually try not to bring non-beer related topics up on this blog unless it's important. Having been victims ourselves of a malicious attack which nearly resulted in a total loss of all our posts however, means this new information is something I feel is important to any of you using Google accounts.

Google has recently made available two-factor authentication across all their products. What does this mean? It means you need to authorize individual computers, iPhones, iPads, Commadore 64s, Wiis and anything else you might obsessively check your email from to login to Google. This might sound like a pain in the butt unless you think about what is specifically denied access. Basically, unless somebody steals your mobile phone or goes through a pretty rigorous password recovery process any PC, mobile device, Russian spy satellite, or Chinese bot network that you do not own cannot access your account.

If you use Gmail for your email then that means anybody who gains access to your account can submit lost password requests to PayPal or your banks, read all your email and chat logs, or make really embarrassing posts on your Facebook account. If those reasons aren't good enough for you, then I wish the person luck who inevitably steals your identity and leaves you with a bill from QVC for $1,000,000.

What can you do to protect yourself? Enable two factor authentication. Right now. Do it. Thieves would need to steal your mobile phone AND password to get access which is a lot better than just having to guess your kids birthdays or your name backwards.

Ok. off the soap-box and onto the six-pack.

Beereview: Flying Fish - Grand Cru Winter Reserve

Being a New Jersey-ite more by necessity than desire means it take a little longer for that Jersey Pride to build up to rabid levels. While I haven't tried any fake tan yet, eaten copious amounds of pork roll (basically SPAM made of pig who-knows-whats,) or actually bothered to complain about Jersey Shore I do enjoy a good beer. I'm proud to say Flying Fish makes a good product down in Cherry Hill NJ (which is more than I can say about White Castle for those of you who remember the first Harold and Kumar.)

This Winter Ale pours a bright amber color (totally clear) and is very active. There isn't much head initially but it maintains about 1/5" due to the high volume of bubbles. The aroma is sweet and cirtus with a slightly malty undertone. It doesn't smell sour or hoppy, just mellow.

The flavor is initially very sweet with a slight grapefruit bitterness underlying. It's initially very refreshing and smooth with no alcohol harshness. There isn't much of a lingering aftertaste and this seems like it would go very well with food. I'm not sure what Grand Cru is, but it tastes like a very good sweet lager.

Overall I like it a lot and can highly recommend it, especially considering a 6-pack is around $9.

Have any of you had Flying Fish? What'd you think? Let me know in the comments below!


  1. I guess I will listen to Google. I've just kept ignoring those notices thinking, "eh, it won't happen to me".

  2. I really did like this beer and I think many looking for
    a good, true pumpkin flavored beer will enjoy this also. Again, you'll
    probably try it, like it, maybe have another and that's it. You'll be
    done. It's just not all that sessionable. But it's good and I'll have it
    again (I've got 23 more in my fridge now and only a week and a half til
    Thanksgiving to finish it!One negative I
    will point out is that, for me, in the background, beneath the strong
    pumpkin sensation, I perceived this subtle taste that kept bugging me
    just a little. It reminded me of Yuengling lager. Yes, Yuengling lager.
    When I got that taste in my mouth, for whatever reason I got the idea
    imbedded in my brain that this was a beer, first and foremost, with
    pumpkin flavoring added. You know that whole "the whole is greater than
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