Monday, December 5, 2011

Your One Stop Wishlist

Alright so maybe you don't want to give someone glassware for Christmas. Maybe they're the bottle sort of person. Maybe they have a tendency to break things made of glass. Maybe their cupboard is overfilling of pints, pilsners, boots, and chalices. What can you get that special brewing someone? Lets break it down in price ranges...

Under $10
  • The Autosiphon - if the special brewer in your life is still transferring beer/wort/whatever from one vessel to another by sucking on the tube like he's stealing gasoline out of a cop car, he needs an autosiphon. Every brewer needs one. Not only is it more sanitary, but it is exactly 12.5 times easier than trying to manually siphon with a plane ol' racking cane.
  • The Thief - basically an autosiphon without the racking cane. I understand if you're as stingy with your beer as I am, you don't want any to go to waste. Even that little bit you dump into your test jar so you can measure your gravities. The thief you drop in, pull out, measure, and let the beer back into the fermenter. Someone was thinking, the thief is sized to fit a standard hydrometer inside.
  • The Blow Off Tube - it only takes the krausen shooting out of your airlock once to run to the store and get one of these. Never worry about getting your jackets nasty from fermenting in the closet again.
Under $50
  • American Homebrewers Association - like the NRA in the fact they fight for our right to brew. Not like the NRA in the way no one dies in their articles.
  • A Propane Burner - get your homebrewer out of the house! Nothing is so convincing then to spend an hour cleaning sticky wort off your kitchen floor. But seriously, these are a must-have for a brewer. Unless your brewer doesn't want one. But then he/she may also enjoy riding the Ol' Model T to work as well. Time to come up to the times of advanced brewing!
  • A Homebrew Keg - Depending on the situation, this could double as a prank gift. Once the homebrewer kegs his first beer, he's never going back to bottles. Even if he doesn't have a kegerator, get him a keg. It wont be long till he gets one. No matter what the SO (significant other) says.
  • A Beer Pump - All grain brewer? No pump? Put that man out of his misery and get him one. Simplifies the whole process... until you can't figure out why the stupid thing won't prime.
  • Mash Tun! - Nothing will thrust your brewer into the wonderful world of all grain like his own mash tun. Comes in any color you want, as long as it's orange.
Under $500
  • The Fermenator - You're spending $500 bucks on your fellow brewer? Don't expect me to reciprocate that gift. Well if you insist, dive into the king of fermentors. By Blichmann!
  • The Brew Magic System - Seriously? Seriously?!?!? Before diving into this, about halfway down this page there's a lovely "donate" button. Check it out. It's a really cool link. You're either married to your brewer, or about to get a restraining order. An awesome brew system that costs as much as your beat-up Honda Civic. A cheaper option would be to get him a Brutus 10 for $3... the plans for one that is.
You either love brewing or hate money. If you hate money, there's a donate button on your right.
Got any other great gift ideas? Let me know. Want to get me a gift? Lets talk.

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