Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Sorry I missed my Monday post, things have been busy! But I had to take some time from work and put this out there...

Don't worry. This is totally about beer.

I'm not going to shove this issue down your throat. After I make this comment I wont visit it again. I don't particularly like preaching, and every time I see one of those soap box guys on the street, I want to go and kick his stool out from under him. Well, I'm getting up on my stool, but I'll make it quick. I don't want my stool kicked out from under me.

If you haven't noticed on Google, Wikipedia, or Reddit lately. The internet is up in arms. The government is trying to push through legislation known as SOPA (Stop Online Piracy Act), and PIPA (Protect IP Act). The idea of the laws are innocent, however the methods are dangerous. Effectively, the bills give the government power of total internet censorship. There's more, and I encourage you to check out what's on the web. The Electronic Frontier Foundation has a great one page summary of the dangers inherent in this bill.

Please read up and sign one of the many petitions out there that are against SOPA and PIPA. If these pass, sites like Wikipedia, Reddit, and most importantly, A Tale Of Two Brewers, could be shut down forever.

Sorry for the serious post. No jokes or funny pictures today.

How's this about beer? For every petition you sign, drink a beer. The more you sign, the better you feel! Drink beer, protect the internet. That's a lot you can do from your armchair.

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