Thursday, January 5, 2012

Beereview: Blue Moon - Grand Cru

First, Happy New Year everybody! After reading Gene's post, I can't help feel that I could have done more to bring new readers to the site. I never figured out the whole "Post when you post on every social network site out there thing." I know the how of it, but I guess I'm just not good at the when. 2011 was a crazy year for everybody (especially for the wall street types who are now sleeping in their 1986 Chevy Astro van.) Let's hope 2012 is a lot better!

On that note, I was looking for an economical option to review this week and the new Blue Moon caught my eye. I have a love hate relationship with Blue Moon in general: I love that it brings people into the mindset that craft brew is something desirable but I hate that it pretends to be craft beer. That said, they have attempted to create a beer in my favorite variety by adding their "signature wheat" flavor to Belgian Abby Ale. Let's see how it pans out:

Beereview: Blue Moon - Grand Cru

No head at all!
The first thing I noticed about this beer is that it has a CAP. Almost all (or all?) the Belgian Ales this beer is trying to impersonate come with a cork and wire restrainer due to the extreme pressure involved when one of these bottle conditioned beers gets shaken up. The label for this beer clearly states that it is bottle conditioned, but I suspect that's about as valid as calling white bread with a pinch of whole wheat flour for color "9 Grain Whole Wheat."

This tribute ale pours a murky tan with almost no head retention whatsoever. I tried to pour it quickly to get a good photo but was still thwarted. Once it warms up a little it becomes very lively so this is less noticeable. The aroma is somewhere between month old lemons and public bathroom. It sorta smells like using lemon cleaner on a rotten deck. Similar to coastal wheat this is the urinal cake smell, although I have no idea what causes it.

How does it taste? It is extremely sweet, but it's a sort of nondescript sweet. It has a lot of spicy flavors but ginger really sticks out. It reminds me a little bit of ginger beer, except that it has this underlying sour wheat taste. It's hard to describe, except to say that it tastes like somebody let a ginger bread man soak in your blue moon for quite some time.

If you're expecting Belgian style quality from this non-craft product you're sure to be disappointed. If you just want 8.6% ABV for under 7 bucks than I suppose this is a little better than Colt 45. It really just tastes like somebody poured a blue moon into a bowl, added half a can of ginger ale, and added about a shot of grain alcohol. Not too good.

Overall, I'd say this borders on undrinkable. Instead of buying two of these, buy one real Belgian. I promise, it's a much better bargain.

Have you tried this? Let me know in the comments below!

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