Monday, January 23, 2012

Beereview: Sam Adam's Alpine Spring

Lets cover some news items first.

Thanks to all for putting up with my SOPA post. Like Nick said, we won. It was a landmark victory that show our voices can be heard on the internet.

I got an interesting email from First off, it's a pretty interesting website that is based on the history of beer versus reviews and brewing today. It appears to be a new website and the idea is an interesting spin on your typical beer blog. I'm adding it to my RSS feed and we'll see where it takes us. Regarding the email, it was about monks and the beer they brewed. Apparently, the monks had a daily ration of beer. A 4 liter daily ration of beer. No wonder they were so peaceful. Kinda makes me want to go monk. And with those potent beers they brew? Holy cow. 4 liters of that stuff is like 8 liters of Budweiser... That's over 16 pints of your typical American beer. A day. That sounds fantastic. Well, he wrote the email to promote that we should make February 25th a day set aside to recognize monks and their contribution to brewing. Why? Why the hell not. Any reason to raise a pint to a good cause is good enough reason for me. So spread the word, February 25th is Brewing Monk Appreciation Day.

In other news, and relating to this beereview, Sam Adam's rolled out a new spring beer this year. That's all fine and dandy, except they replaced their very popular Noble Pils. So if you've placed an order for your spring keg of Sam Adam's seasonal... well it's probably too late now. You'll be surprised to find that you wont be getting Noble Pils, but the subject of today's beereview instead. Sam Adam's Alpine Spring.

I should note that Noble Pils isn't gone forever. But it might as well be if you don't live in the 49 states outside of Massachusetts. Noble Pils is now part of their brewmasters collection, which is difficult to find outside of Massachusetts. So from Florida, I bid you goodbye Noble Pils. Our relationship was short, but great.


Lets be honest with ourselves here "Alpine Spring" sounds more like a flavor of dryer sheet that it does a name for a beer. Actually... I think it actually is the name of a flavor of deodorant, but I can't remember which one. First pour out of the bottle has a pleasing white head to it, with a little more staying power than the typical mass produced beers. It's got a faint hoppy aroma, which does remind me a little bit of Noble Pils. Alpine Spring is definitely a more hop/malt balanced beer than Noble Pils was. Alpine Spring has more body, and the base malt is showcased very well. It isn't refreshing like Noble Pils was, but probably a better beer to enjoy with dinner. The American hop flavors are subdued, but modestly present.

I like it. I'm not wild about it, but I'd like another one!

What do you think about Sam Adam's new spring lineup? Let us know. And if you can think what that Alpine Spring deodorant is, let me know as well. Post below!!!

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  1. A newly brewed beer will complement my newly boughtaustralian timber furniture for an afternoon hangout. The world is so good for bringing malt in this world.