Monday, January 9, 2012

Rockin Setup

When I first toyed with the idea to get a kegerator, I threw out the idea that we should put it in such a way that we could have the taps brought right into the kitchen. How awesome would that be? Cookin, maybe goin through the mail, when all of the sudden that inkling hits you, "beer!" Well the SWMBO vetoed that idea. And I dont really blame her. But I was at my friends house last night and... wow.

He had finished his 4 tap setup. The setup that leads right into the room with the pool table. It doesn't get more man-cave than that. You can see the picture of the inside setup to the right here. The wood is beautifully stained, and he's got some killer tap handles to adorn his tap. Don't hate the MGD tap, it's still sweet. He's always got a keg of Yeungling on tap, which i learned he switches out every month. That of which is impressive in its own right. Currently the first tap is his "Mexican Ale" (which he admits tastes like a wheat, so we dub thee "Mexi-Wheat"). The 4th tap (far right) is a winter ale, with a full body and some mild spices. Definitely tasty and filling.

Behind closed doors he's got a massive keezer, outfitted with every brewer's best friend, the Johnson Controls Temperature Controller. He's got a great collar that he built on the keezer, stained the same color as the back splash of his taps. He mentioned maybe adding more taps. When will it stop? 6 taps? 8 taps?? The man can drink beer. Out the back of the of the collar he's got his 4 draft lines running to the back splash running through the piece of insulated spa tubing, keeping the temperature of the lines cool just a little bit longer. It also appears to prevent the lines from kinking where they go through the back of the collar. Like I mentioned before, he's got one full keg, 2 corny kegs, and his CO2 tank in the keezer. And he's got room to spare. I predict that if he puts that CO2 tank outside, and really jams some kegs in there... He could probably fit 6 cornys and a full keg in there... probably 9 cornys if he gets rid of the keg. I'm pretty sure I've been to a few bars with a smaller selection than that, let alone craft brew. I don't mean to sound like I'm blowing roses here, but I'm thoroughly impressed by the setup. See below.

Oh, and his beers are really good too. Thanks Jeremy!

Feel like bragging about your sweet draft setup? Let me know, post below!


  1. I have my wife convinced that we can add a tap to our dining room (shares a wall with the garage where the spare fridge is).  That of course comes after we get the new dining room furniture.

  2. That guy needs a drip tray, unless he never spills which case he is my hero. 

  3. Jay, that's a dangerous bargain, and a slippery slope... I say go for it.