Monday, January 30, 2012

Winter Potpourri

Every once in a while I notice that there's been many things left unsaid that has occured over the past few months. I like to get these items together in a hodgepodge of a post. Here's your Winter potpourri:

The results are in! I managed to win the crown at my work's quarterly (ish) beer brewing competition! I took home the viking helmet using my ATOTB #02: Clean Blonde recipe. I made a spinoff of it however that would be #02WD02. By adding some crystal malt to my bill, the beer had a lot more body. However the crystal turned the beer much darker that I expected, therefore I will be calling it my "Dirty Blonde Ale." Always, a nod to my competitors Paul and Jeremy. Don't think you will get this crown back easily.

I'm very surprised it's been so long since I mentioned this. A few months back I decided to go get my homebrewing tattoo! This is my second tattoo and it came out absolutely awesome. Working with my tattoo artist, Bobby at Cast Iron Tattoos, we came up with this awesome design. I thought to make a play on the ol' skull and crossbones, replacing the crossbones with stalks of grain. Inspired by the hop grenade at the Brewing Network Army, I decided to add a more realistic version to the top of my design. I gave Bobby a few pictures to work off of, and what came out was extraordinary. Coming soon will be my matching one on the other leg representing yeast and water, completing the 4 key ingredients for beer.

So I may have mentioned before... no, I know I have mentioned before that I coach the Pole Vault at a local High School here, west of Orlando, Olympia High School. I know I've mentioned it, because in the spring, that supports some of my brewing equipment every year. Well this year is going to be great. Some changes have been made, and I'm back to coaching one school. Got a great group of kids. I mention this however, because the head coach just got himself a Mr. Beer kit for Christmas. Before you scoff at it too quickly though, he's already brewed a batch and he's ready to move on. Excited like a kid in a candy store he says to me that he's going to the homebrew shop, and what does he need. The conversation went like this...

Me: "The store closes in 2 hours, you've got plenty of time. Walk in there and say you want the entire beginner's homebrewing kit."

Him: "But I've already gotten the beginners kit?"

Me: "No.... no you haven't..."

Well he's already brewed his first batch this weekend, and from the questions he's asked me it sounds like it went great. I already mentioned that I keg my beer, and he's already excited to move on to that. At this rate he'll own Sam Adam's by Summer 2016.

Finally, I believe... or want to believe, that I've managed to clear up my schedule enough to do some beer brewing. I'm looking to start this upcoming Saturday. I've had some shaky experiments in the past, so I'm going to start off with a few sure things and maybe try a few clones to see how some new ingredients work into the grain bill. I'll be starting off with ATOTB #06: Carpe IPA!

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