Friday, February 3, 2012

Beereview: Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye

At A Tale of Two brewers we're no strangers to ruthlessness. If a beer smells like urinal cakes, tastes like garbage, and its brewer hasn't sent us $200 via either PayPal, money order, or BitCoin (no checks please,) we'll let you know exactly what we think of it. Considering my usual penchant for alliteration, agressive titles and ales, Ruthless Rye from Sierra Nevada seemed like a good bet.

Ruthless Review: Sierra Nevada Ruthless Rye

This IPA pours a dark golden color with a sudsy off white head. Unlike other mass-market bottled beers, the foam sticks around for quite some time and sticks readily to the glass. If nothing else, it's very photogenic but unfortunately that same quality also made it stick annoyingly to every surface in my mouth. The sensation was sort of like eating bologna, but much less fatty, much more bitter and with far fewer horse penises. I generally disdain foods that leave my mouth feeling soiled; considering the wicked case of cheese tooth I got earlier from some chili I wasn't in much of a mood to tolerate it in the drink I usually use to wash away cheese tooth!

The aroma is fruity hops with a strong malty undertone. It's got more of a pine note than citrus, combined with apples and spice. Overall, it smells like a decent IPA. The flavor is fairly generic, but far more hoppy than the normal Sierra Nevada. They claim that the Rye imparts a peppery flavor, but I didn't notice much beyond the extreme bitterness.

Overall, I'd give it about a 3 out of 5. It's too strong and bitter to leave out at a party and I didn't much like how it coated my mouth.

Have you tried this beer? Do you eat Bologna without wondering what is in it? Let me know in the comments below!

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  1. The flavor is farly generic? You've got a lead palate my friend. And shouldn't a beer, especially a heavy-hopped beer with Rye malt - coat your mouth?