Monday, February 20, 2012

Dry Hop-tastic

Well I finally managed to get some free time this weekend, so I went and transferred my IPA into the secondary for dry hopping. The resulting image is beautiful. As I sit and stare at the wonder of whole leaf cascade hops slowly oozing their goodness into my beer I realized something. I've turned hophead. I'm not saying I'm hop crazy, but not too long ago, crazy hoppy beers were too much for me. Strong IPAs would be avoided. Now, I seek them out. There's nothing more refreshing than a light, crisp IPA. That one certainly sneaked up on me.

Other news I'm pretty excited about... my birthday is coming up in 2 weeks, which means I'm 2 weeks away from finally getting that lagerator. I'll just need to find some time to brew one so I can christen that bad larry.

It's been a relatively quiet week for brewing. That coupled with a splitting headache induced by plastic-bottle scotch doesn't condone a hugely creative post. So until next time!!

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