Monday, February 27, 2012

Rub a Dub Dub

Three kegs in a tub! I finally got around to cleaning my kegs last week while it's was raining cats and dogs outside (seriously, called animal control and everything, what a mess). As you may notice in the picture, the kegs are upside down and drying in my master bathroom bathtub. Cleaning my kegs there is the most action that tub has seen in the past two years probably. I was still a little worried about my wife's reaction about using it to clean kegs however. Thankfully it has been over a week and she still hasn't said anything about me moving them. It's much easier to enjoy a hobby when it's backed by the SWMBO.

I've started to piece together my new lagerator as well! I picked up the Holiday chest freezer at Lowe's this week, as well as placed the order for my Johnson Controls temperature controller. Now I just need to find some time to brew a lager... This is the start of a new large chapter in my brewing book! Lagers! Awesome! Watch out Budweiser, Yeungling... Brewer Gene is coming to town and he's going to be brewing his mash off.

More in equipment news, I've decided to push forward on my new mash tun. I'm going to go the keggle route. It's just more sturdy, and provides a significant increase in size over my old tun. First step will be to move my parts from the old tun, to the new one. This includes moving the spigot w/ disconnect, the autosparge w/ disconnect, and the temperature probe. I'm going to have to figure out something new for my temperature probe, but I'm happy to be turning my back on my old copper tube that held it originally. I've seen some interesting design ideas online using compression fittings, but I'll have to look into it more. If all goes well, I'll add a site glass to the side of it. Step by step though. Speaking of, I just received my $12 step bit in the mail from Amazon. Considering they can be sold for $45 dollars in the store, you can't beat that price with a stick...

Really, you can't actually beat it with a stick. It's a piece of information. An idea if you will. The closest thing you can do is to beat the piece of paper it's written on, or in this case, the monitor. And, well, that's just not that worth it. If I catch any one of you beating my monitor with a stick, I'm sticking you with the cost of a new one.

True first step though is to find that "decommissioned" keg. I am very gracious to have a friend, who shall remain nameless (Ian), who happens to have a keg that fell off the back of his truck and is damaged to the point where the store wont take it back from him. So I'll pay him his deposit for it and get cranking. Cutting out the top to it should be significantly cheaper this time around since I'll be using my oxy-acetylene blow torch.

And I cannot wait to use my oxy-acetylene blow torch.

We've launched a new section of our page! It's a glossary section. I know there's a lot of lingo running around this site that might need some explanation, especially for someone who's new to brewing. So check it out! It'll be under renovation for a while, but the information is there. And please, if there's a word you need to know that's not on the page, shoot me an email, I'm just coming up with words off the top of my head.

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