Monday, March 19, 2012


I'm exhausted. I just got back from my first cruise. It was only a two night cruise, but for the most part it was a lot of fun. Part of the excitement was the fact it was our first one, and my wife and I were wondering how we were going to handle the motion of the ocean. The boat took off half way through dinner. It could be mental but after 15 minutes we were both feeling a little funny. It could have been the hangover, but I don't think so. We were horizontal the rest of the first night. Thankfully, those little behind the ear patches work well. The second night we were able to enjoy everything the boat had to offer.

While on our excursion I had a chance to try "Sands," from a local Bahamian brewery. I love supporting the locale and such, but there's only one way to put the taste of Sands. Sands tastes like a mixture between Corona and Budweiser. Individually, I like those beers enough (you know I love Corona). Together, however, the mixture was less than pleasing. It was drinkable, but I'm not going back for a second one. I'll stick with Kalik.

The week before we took our cruise I got around to kegging my Carpé IPA. I've kegged many times before. I've got this down pat. So when the wifey asked how long until I'm done, my answer was the typical Chinese stereotype "15 minutes!"


Shaking the hops out of the carboy was a pain. I didn't realize how much space soaking wet whole hops takes up. Into the sink they went, and down the drain i pushed them. I have the usual Lowe's brand garbage disposal. It takes a lot of punishment. It's only ever gotten stuck twice. Once from a rubber glove we found in it upon moving in, the other when the SWMBO decided to in-sink-erate a shot glass. Keep in mind it did a great job on the shot glass itself. A small piece had just gotten stuck between the housing and the grinder.

So I emptied out the hops. Stuffed them down. Periodically turning on the disposal for a few seconds. I made it to the home stretch and stuffed the last of the soaking wet hops down the drain. My disposal has never smelled so good. Flipping the switch produced no grinding however. Flipping the switch only produced a loud, and unhappy hum. The kind of hum a transformer makes before it's about to explode and land on the neighbor's cat. The stuck disposal is fixable, but it needs some help. This involves removing everything from underneath the sink and rocking the disposal back and forth with a measly allen wrench.

Well it got fixed. But my estimate was off. Instead of 15 minutes I spun that garbage disposal an hour later. And there went my night.

I'd like to do a few shout outs. First off, my wife and I met a pair of friendly ladies on our cruise. One of them has a blog that I'd love to shout out, but I can't remember it for the life of me, nor can I remember either of their names. So here's to you cruise blogger!

Also, and I'll go more into it later, I stumbled across a social media site for us beer bloggers, Long story short, one of my posts was featured over at The Local Beer Blog! Thanks to David for the exposure! Likely you might see a new feature coming along, that will involve guest postings.

Take care, it's time for bed,.


  1. InSinkerators can be a hooker. My wife insists on sending potato peals down it, which turns into an hour pipe cleaning session for me.

  2. Hey Eugene! Glad you guys weren't sick the second night! So great to meet you both! :)