Monday, April 16, 2012

Inflated Ego

Just last night the wifey and I went to a party at a friends house. Walking out the door Nikki said "aren't you going to bring any beer?" So I said, sure, why not. I dusted off one of my growlers, gave it a sniff to make sure it wasn't musty (the sniff test is the all knowing test, works for milk, meat, beer, juice, clothing...), and topped it off with some Carpe IPA and headed off.

Well what a hit. I think I need Nikki to become my new PR person. Being a white male mechanical engineer tends to work against me in the public relation department as you can imagine. And why would it? My ideal work day involves sitting in front of two widescreen monitors in a 8x8 carpeted cave with a 60 oz. Diet Pepsi and the phone cord unplugged.

I gave out some cards and met a couple who were all sorts of excited to hear about my beer stories. Long story short, they requested two more growlers of it! Maybe we'll trade favors later on.

Speaking of PR, I was contacted by Newcastle again promoting their new "No Bollocks" campaign. Stay tuned, there might be a giveaway in the very near future.

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