Monday, April 2, 2012

Stepping up?

Cue the angel music. Note, this is
NOT my keg. I can only hope.
I attacked my new mash tun design this weekend. And it fought back. Viciously.

It started during the week cutting out the top. Which went swimmingly. Actually, couldn't have been a better time in the garage. All at once I was using my blowtorch (rough, quick cutting), my cutting disc (smoother, slow cutting), and my handheld grinder (smoothing) all at once! Fire, air, and electricity all coming together to make something beautiful.

As I said last week, I'm sticking to Anheuser keggles from here on out.

This keg is fierce. Like Sasha Fierce. I was ready to mount all my fittings to the keg and call it a day, a process I figured would only take an hour. Oh no. Apparently, the super high quality step bit I purchased on Amazon for an amazingly low 12 dollars (step bits typically going for 50 - 100 dollars) didn't feel like cutting anything over a 5/8" hole. While tight for the sight glass and the thermocouple port, this was not happening for the spigot or the autosparge.

This is one of the reasons it's nice working for a bigger company. Resources. A few phone calls later and I've got a 3/4" bit arriving at work tomorrow and I'm going to tear that keg a new one. Quite literally. Then I'll ream it out. With a file. Bring it.

I plan on being ready for brewing next weekend. Lets hope.

Sidenote, the lager is coming along well. It was off to a slow start, which concerned me. I understand that everything points to fermentation should start slowly. But when I have ales consistantly starting in around 12 hours. Waiting for 48+ for signs gets me worried. By the time it did start, I already had a second digital thermometer in the fridge, called the store, and had ordered New Brewing Lager Beer. Impulsive, maybe. But the book looks like it has a lot of great information in it. I'm excited to dive on in.

Got any lager stories? Share! Post below! Let us know you're alive.

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