Monday, May 28, 2012

Beereview: Newcastle Summer Ale, and Happy Memorial Day!

Hopefully by the time you read this it will have stopped raining and you're about to be enjoying a nice barbecue with your friends.

Lets not lie to yourselves... when you read this it'll be Tuesday, because that's the day when you're supposed to be "working."

Regardless, happy memorial day! Enjoy the BBQ and a beer, this holiday is the one to usher in the starting days of summer. For me, that means a beautiful trucker's tan from commuting to work, a lot of hot brew days hanging out in the pool, and the start of Corona season. It also means a game or two of beer pong or flip cup for me in the near future, because it always seems like I get sucked into one of those around this time.

This is where my beer geek comes in strong. Are you so snobby that you don't play flip cup? I doubt it. So when you do play, to you pour a good craft beer, just to pound it as fast as possible? That's a waste. But you don't drink the "domestics." Hmm what a conundrum. Memorial day is a great day for American mass market beer. It's hot. There's drinking games involved. A thick dopplebock is not refreshing. An ice cold, tasteless Coors Lite is though. So crack the top of your PBR! Have a happy memorial day!

But please don't forget the real reason we have memorial day. To pay homage to our fallen soldiers. Granted, I can't think of a better way to pay homage then to crack a beer. Keep it in the back of your mind though. There's people that risk their lives so that you may live the way you do, and don't think twice about it. That's brave. Hell, I'm sitting here blogging, and my office chair seems a little too high...

Now for the beereview! I got my hands on another limited edition release from Newcastle, their "Summer Ale." The beer is only being released from May to July this year, so go grab one quick to try for yourself. Newcastle describes this beer as a light golden beer, medium flavor, and a dry hoppy finish. Sounds like their going for an American lawnmower beer, except with a little flavor. Which I could use right now spending the day in the garage making shelving. Lets crack this top.

The beer pours a real pretty deep gold color with a lasting white foam head. Aroma is mild, slightly toasty, and slightly hoppy. First taste is smooth. The body is simple and smooth just as you would expect from the brewers of Newcastle. The taste is very much like some of our American domestics like Coors or Budweiser, but with a little more flavor, and a distinguishable hop character. Not like the generic extracted "hop flavoring" that Miller adds to their, wait for it, triple hops brewed Miller Light (no! say it aint so!). That said, I can't pick out which hop it is, but it has a nice citrus/grassy flavor and texture to it.

This is actually my favorite from the Newcastle lineup so far. Original Newcastle is too sweet for my style, and Founder's Ale was good, but not special. This is a great summer beer, easy to drink, and doesn't cut corners where the body of the beer comes in. Cheers Newcastle!

Anyone else try this? Think a dopplebock is refreshing? Post below. Argue me. I dare you.

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