Monday, June 25, 2012

Rainy Day Blogging

So during the summer it rains almost daily in Florida. That seems like it's an awful lot to be called the sunshine state. The deal is that yes, it rains daily, but that daily rain is from about 3:30 to 4:30 in the afternoon, give or take an hour or too. It's not often that we wake up and go to bed with rain, but today is definitely one of those days.

So we had a little party last night. A little party where I only new a quarter of the people there. I didn't expect to hand out much beer, not knowing the pallet of our audience. The wife had all bases covered and bought a 18 pack of Miller Light (with the siiiick vortex long necks). By the end of the night, only 4 Miller Lights were empty. With the number of pints I handed out, those numbers equal the score of game six in the Stanley Cup this year (6-1 for the uneducated). People loved A Tale of Two Brewer's beer.

This is also one of the first time's I've had all four taps going at the same time. On tap was my Carpe-IPA, Saa-wheat!, and my most recent brews, Northern Brewer's SH2B (ESB), and Beersmith's Pilsner! The ESB was a big hit, and so was Saa-wheat!.  One IPA lover loved Carpe-IPA. The lager received decent reviews.

Speaking of the lager, for my first I'd say it came out great. The beer itself was mildly cloudly, and sweeter than I would have liked. Still, everyone agrees, it's refreshing and easy to drink! I'm getting ready to brew up another batch. This time the batch is going to be my first double batch. Since it takes so long for the Lager to, well, lager, I'm going to have two running at the exact same time. Which also means I have to upgrade my brew kettle.

This afternoon is going to be spent designing the frame of my brew rig on AutoCAD. I want to push to brew on the 14th and use my new rig, so it's an ambitious schedule. In the meantime I'll also have to get a keg and cut it up for my new keggle. We'll see how it goes!

I'm going to need a name for my brew-rig. It's gotta be badass. Any ideas? Brew-magnon? Brew and Let Brew? UberBrew?

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