Monday, June 11, 2012

Unexpected Results

I have this whole afternoon to myself. I'm pretty stoked to keg some beer and clean out the kegerator. Well...

The wife and I had a great idea for some shelves to put in the man room to spruce up a wall and create more storage for my growing collection of beer related goodies. After two weeks it went up yesterday, and it looks fantastic (if I do say so myself)! It's all carpentry-like and such. I cut notches in the posts and the shelves that interlock, and I even covered over the screw holes so you'll never see them! I feel I'm really kicked my carpentry up a notch. We made sure it didn't interfere with anything like the dart board scoring machine or the swing of the keg door. Right... the door. Well it turns out while we are clearing the keg door, there's not actually enough room to pull the kegerator out itself. It gets a little more than half way out and stops. I've got no room to move the kegerator from side to side either. This is going to take some engineering to figure out how to do this without creating any major destruction. So my plans for kegging this weekend are shot. Maybe sometime this week though. I'll cross my fingers.

On a side note, a momentous occasion has occurred. I finally kicked my bottomless keg of porter. I've been trying to kick that keg for a number of months now. While I'm not really complaining... I need the space in my kegerator to keg my next two batches. I was going to planning on kicking it Wednesday night, well, 3 nights and 8 beers later it's finally kicked. Not that I can do much with it though. It's stuck in the kegerator at the moment, held hostage by the shelf.

I just put in the order for my first Banjo Burner from Amazon. Should be here by Wednesday. I guess this unofficially marks the beginning of the creation of my brew-magic style brew stand. This one isn't going to cost me 6 g's though (looks like that price has gone up). I plan on starting with welding the frame together and mounting the burners to it. After that it should be a piece by piece build from there on out. Mount the pump, controls, gas, etc. Soon I'll be brewing in style.

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