Monday, July 16, 2012

A Malady Melody

My welding has been coming along at a fantastic pace. I think I'm really getting the hand of this TIG stuff. Next thing I know I'll be making motorcycles and arguing with my dad. No more sunburns, but I've must have lost 5 pounds to sweating alone. Working in pants and long sleeves in the garage when it's 95 and 70% humidity out is like trying to work inside of an easy bake oven.  Not ideal. What's even less ideal is getting sick right in the middle of the process. Tuesday night I decided to stay up late and do some welding. I wrapped that up around midnight.

Which actually brings me to a side note. I swear I could do anything in this neighborhood and nobody would notice. As long as I don't have music blaring at 2 am, or increasingly seedy vehicles coming to and from my house, I'm in the clear. I thought that boiling a pot of unknown substance in my back yard would at least raise an eyebrow. Now I've got butchered kegs, pumps, burners, and little boxes with flashing lights. I'm actually very surprised that no one has called in and said I'm operating a meth lab or an illegal still. When I was growing hops I thought for sure one of the neighborhood kids would steal a few cones and try to smoke it. Now I'm in my garage until the wee hours in the morning welding up a storm, all mad-scientist like, and I get nothing. Maybe I live in a better neighborhood than I give credit for. Or maybe that is how passive suburbia has gotten. I don't get a single question. Which is actually pretty sweet I guess if I ever get a still running...

I digress. I stayed up to midnight welding. Great. I wanted to keep the door closed so my dogs could check in on me from time to time. They stay a little bit more calm that way. I did think about how the Argon (used in welding) might affect me, but the MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) didn't say anything except for it's not oxygen, so you'll suffocate if you breathe pure Argon. So I was in the clear. Went to bed that night not feeling great, so I double checked that MSDS in the morning. Started to feel progressively crappy throughout the day until it was a full fledged head cold. Well that killed my productivity for the week and the weekend. On top of that I'm competing this upcoming weekend, so I needed to kick this cold quick. So I was very careful not to overdo it. Oh, and I was going to do a beereview today, but I swore off beer and soda until my competition (llllaaaame).

So here's a picture of my progress! I'm going to say we're at 10%. Most of the welds are just tacks right now, I'm currently going through and finishing them off.

And here's a parting gift for you all. A coworker sent me this link about how a community came together to save a brewery, all thanks to social media. A storm wiped through northern Virginia and left a lot of people without power. Which really sucks if you're a brewery that has thousands of gallons of lager that has to ferment cold. Check out the link about how everything transpired.


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  3. I'm going to say we're at 10%. Most of the welds are just tacks right now, I'm currently going through and finishing them off.your blog is going very well.