Monday, July 30, 2012

Beereview: Rocket Dog Rye IPA

It's no secret I'm a huge fan of dogs.

Our dogs are part of our family. After a day or two vacation, we miss our dogs. They're allowed on our couch. They sleep in our bed. They eat with us at the dinner table.

OK, that last part isn't true. They eat on the floor.

But my love of dogs, especially our dogs, makes me a sucker for beer with dogs on them, or brewed by dog-friendly breweries.

Today's beer is technically a special request from the wifey. I've had some of these special beers sitting in the fridge for a while, and she got a hankerin' (that's right, I used the word hankerin') for a new IPA (she is a hophead after all). The beer comes from the Laughing Dog Brewery, which I've reviewed before. Another beer I got suckered into because of a dog on the label. I'm about to open the Rocket Dog Rye IPA. I have absolutely no idea why it's rocket dog, but really, who cares? I'm excited because this will be my first rye beer. Considering the love I have for rye bread (Jewish or not), I'm looking forward to this. Lets pop the top.

We've got a gusher here! As I cracked the top the foam started rushing out of the bottle so I went and finished opening it in the bathroom sink. First glass poured all head, and the head is still dying down (see picture). I poured a second glass while the first is settling, and that had a much nicer pour. The aroma is very faint and almost fleeting, but with some sweeter and not so citrus tones which makes me think that the hops used were mostly from across the ocean. The aroma doesn't have that biting citrus of our American hops like cascade. The color is almost a lager-like golden hue, with a rich white foam head that doesn't want to go away (much to the wife's dismay as the first poured glass is hers, heh).

First sips are surprisingly strong. I wasn't expecting such a bite from the hops because of the weak aroma. The beer is biting, and does have citrus notes, but not what I'm used to. I get a strong taste of grapefruit to this beer, which I've never experienced before! The drink is smooth and light body. I do get a small amount of rye-bread malt coming through under the hops, and I like it.

This is a great beer! It's unique, and peak's my interest to other rye beers. I'd like to hunt down a less hoppy one so I can experience the rye malt more. I really like the unique hop flavor to this beer. I attempted to do some research at their site, but it's site is broken. Looks like someone forgot to pay the domain provider the rent.

R2-DBREW update is at 20%. I welded the axles and mounted the wheels to the frame. I've got all most gas parts ordered, save a few fittings here and there, and temporarily screwed together. I've also gotten my hands on some expanded metal mesh for the bottom level of my rig to store stuff on. Next steps, putting the other feet on the rig, installing mesh, installing gas train. Rock and roll.

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