Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Great Way to Start a Week

Imitation is the most sincere form of flattery. What better way to start a week than to wake up to an email auto-generated from Homebrewtalk.com in my inbox.

A while back I posted about my homebrew tattoos. At the same time over on Homebrewtalk.com I found this thread about homebrewers posting tattoos. I figured why not! I love showing them off. Just this morning I got an email about this guy getting a tattoo done inspired by the pictures I posted! How friggin cool is that. Someone who liked the  idea so much he got it tattooed on his arm. I've been on cloud nine all day for that, and I gotta say I really appreciate him sharing that with me. Hopefully he doesn't mind but I'm going to post a picture of it below, and here it is! It's pretty awesome in it's own right. Thanks again, SingleaLeBrewing!

Progress update on R2-DBREW, the frame is now completely welded together. Next is to install the wheels and the gas system. Once I get my hands on a step bit again the wheels are as good as done. I've got a bunch of parts for my gas system in hand, but I have to start by securing the burners to the frame.  In this picture, the burners are just resting on the rails. We'll call it 15%. Also, when TIG welding, be careful where you swing your welding rod.


  1. I just can't understand that words of yours that imitation is more sincere form of flattery...these are two quite different things altogether...other than that the tattoo is really awesome.