Monday, August 20, 2012

Beer Filled 24 Hours

So I mentioned last week about posting from my vacation spot pending inebriation.

Inebriation happened, posting did not.

Currently I'm sitting in the Albany Airport however drinking a pint of "Saratoga IPA." Not a bad IPA, just not very unique. The kicker here is that with a 22oz glass I get a 3 dollar shot of liquor! Why the hell not. Unfortunately the nice scotch and expensive vodka was a steep 5 dollars. I do love scotch, but I managed to squeak a shot of silver 1800 Tequila which is one of my favorites. And with a reasonable price for a beer and a delayed flight, I'm going to be lit getting on this plane.

I love flying.

Boston was fantastic! I'm recollecting the best I can, it's a little fuzzy. We got in late on Wednesday and immediately hit the bar scene. The history of this place is layered on thick as the BS on your favorite candidate's political agenda. History is oozing out of Boston's pores, and to tell you the truth I don't care much about it. The bartenders were awesome however and very quick to offer up a sample of beer. If you follow me on Untappd, you'll see I earned a number of badges that night. We had one beer at each bar (and a number of samples). The night went like this:

Bell in Hand - I really wanted to see our bartenders Honker's... Ale. The Honker's Ale was awesome, I dont remember why, but it was good.

Union Oyster House - I had the Sam Adam's Boston Brick Red. Normally I wouldnt have gone for a Sam Adam's but the brick red is only sold in choice bars in Boston. Why not get a beer you cant get anywhere else?

The Green Dragon - sounds like something out of a sci-fi video game, when in fact it is another crazy old hole in the wall bar in Boston. Favorite bar of the night. I love a good ol' hole in the wall. Had a Harpoon IPA. Good. Local. Win.

The Beantown Pub - Cool place, had a Crisp Apple from Angry Orchard which, get ready for this, is made by Sam Adams! Go figure. Angry Orchard was awesome.

Finally we stopped at the Scholar's Boston Bistro, where I had a Racer 5 IPA. The IPA was good and strong, weighing in at 7% ABV. I gave it 4 stars, which means it was good, but I can't for the life of me remember why. The location however was way too posh for my liking. The exact opposite of a hole-in-the-wall, this place was trendy. My fellow metro-sexuals probably would've liked this place. But the bartenders were cool and again offered me a number of samples.

Finally (the next day) we went to Doyle's. I'm skipping over the Boston Beer Co. tour because I've said too much already. But go to Doyle's and buy a $6 Sam Adam's product and you keep the glass. Score.

Thanks for the recommendations of places to go. I would've loved going to the Harpoon Brewery but I just didn't have the time. I was in Boston for less then 24 hours, and covered a lot of territory. And I was tired. I slept half the way back to the airport to continue the other half of my vacation. Some guest I am. Also, thank you Chelsea for driving us around in Boston, but get your AC fixed. Wow. Hot.


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