Monday, August 6, 2012

Beereview: New Belgium Ranger IPA

This is a short story about a man shown the world, only to have it ripped away from him.

Which is way too dramatic to describe what I'm about to tell you. First we're starting a beereview about a beer so striking, that I'm still able to write about it 2 days after drinking it. New Belgium has quite a cult following. Many people have never heard about it. Those who have will tar and feather you if you speak the name in vain. Fat Tire is there flagship beer, but this post isn't about Fat Tire. This post is about their stance on IPA's, the Ranger IPA. My coworker Jeremy brought this in for me, but I'll gripe about that later.

Ranger IPA is one of those radical craft beers that are starting to come in cans. So far, so good. I haven't had a bad (craft) beer from a can yet. Something about the craft beer in cans just tastes a little better. I picked up a 12 pack of Sierra Nevada Pale Ale in cans, and it tastes awesome! Also, I can fit more cans in my fridge than I can bottles, double score!

Not knowing what to expect, tired and lazy on Friday night, I sat down to watch the Olympics with the Ranger in hand. I look at the can, "New Belgium huh? People go pretty crazy over Fat Tire... I wonder how this will be." I don't even sniff it before I drink it. I take a swig... and holy s***. The hops in this beer are amazing. Sweet, fruity, citrus-y, smooth and easy to drink. Finally an IPA not packed to the gills with cascade hops. Not that cascade hops are bad, but in large quantities they have a pretty harsh bite to them. A big part of why I'm not a huge hop-head. No, no, these are Simcoe hops, something... different. The beer is so smooth, so rich, tasty, and drinkable! A fantastic IPA, but you can still pound these like you were trying to forget the night! I hand it to my wife, only once she promises to give it back. Well, it was a struggle to get it back from her. Both of us agree, New Belgium Ranger IPA is our new favorite IPA. Personally, its climbed it's way up my beer list quick.

Now for Jeremy, and why coworker Jeremy is both a saint and a do!$#bag. I text Jeremy, "Dude, this beer is amazing!" He says "yeah, bittersweet thing huh?" Then he proceeds to drop the news on me. New Belgium isn't sold in Florida. Nope. It's sold in Georgia, sure. Not here. If I want more Ranger, I have to drive over 3 f*%(ing hours to get my fix. What's Georgia got that Florida doesn't?? Peaches? Pecans? Seriously people. Georgia is not usually on my mind. Georgia started as a PENAL colony. If you don't know what that means, it's not phallic. But it probably smells like one. That's a colony where people go as punishment. A prison. Why does New Belgium send their wonderful product there, and not to poor Florida.

Dear New Belgium, this is a personal plea to bring your delightful nectar to Florida.

I have finished. Hopefully, it will be enough.

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