Monday, August 13, 2012

This post has nothing to do with the Olympics

But that doesn't mean I'm not watching it as I compose the medley that is this wonderful blog.

This upcoming week I'm doing a short tour in Boston beer. This post will be relatively short, because I plan to be sober enough to be able to blog from Massachusetts. Heading out Wednesday and arriving in Boston on Wednesday night I plan to hit up some brew pubs with the brother-in-law and wife. Then the next morning we'll be heading to the Boston Beer Company to partake in what I understand is a pretty outstanding tour. Again, pending sobriety, we may have some on the spot commentary. At least some tweeting. Afterwards I'll be heading up to the northern parts of New York to a technology dead zone to spend some quiet time and do some fishing.

R2-DBREW is coming along swimmingly. The frame is 95% done, pending some tweaks along the way. The gas train is 95% done pending on some troubleshooting. The next step is to install the pumps and plumbing, kegs, then the controls. Then trouble shooting, and a killer paint job and then it's time to get serious and do some killer brewing.

About troubleshooting. What is troubleshooting anyway? Trouble shooting? I have nothing to shoot. No matter. I finally tested my gas train, which made me a little nervous. Nothing should go wrong, as long as there aren't any leaks you shouldn't have any explosions. I checked and double checked for leaks. I checked the low pressure side, I checked the high pressure side. Low pressure works perfect. High pressure.... not so much. After a few seconds of burn flames start shooting out the back of the burner venturi. Flames are not supposed to be coming out of both ends. I sat and stared at it for a few minutes. I tried it a few more times, and now I know that it certainly happens ever time. I had two choices, delay building and troubleshoot, or put it off... Put it off!! I'll troubleshoot everything all at once at the end of the build.

Low Pressure Side

I think it's safe to say R2-DBREW is at 50% completion. After a month and a half of construction, I'd say that progress is pretty good. Save last week progress has been fairly steady. Things got crazy at work as multiple deadlines collide in one exciting (stressful) week. Hopefully after getting back from vacation things will be a little calmer, but I'm not counting on it.

I hope you enjoyed the Olympic games! I'm supported the Olympics by drinking beer, just like many fellow Americans!


  1. You should visit Harpoon Brewery as well. They don't give tours during the week, but the have tastings at 2 and 4pm on weekdays. At this point they are much more a "boston beer company" than Sam Adams ;-)

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    1. (even though you may be a bot I have to respond) Thank you for your insightful comment. I wasn't sure if I was being clear enough, and I didn't want people confused.

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