Monday, November 12, 2012

Bad Omens

I had a little mishap last weekend, which is why I didn't post before I took my trip to Vegas. But I'll get to that.

Last weekend I used R2-DBREW for the first time, 100% completed. R2-DBREW worked great. Everything around it was trouble. First thing, R2-DBREW is HEAVY. Not heavy like a big ol' bag of dog food mind you. Heavy like trying to pick up the tail end of a Honda hatch-back heavy. I managed to wheel it to the backyard... back is another story.

While everything heated up I milled my grain. I did nothing different than I had in the past, but my drill freaked out. Which made me freak out considering how close it was to my genitals. I started loosing the speed control of my drill, which was strange, so I tilted it up (off of my lap). What I found was thick milky smoke pouring off the battery of my drill. The only images I had in my head was those of exploding laptop batteries. I placed the drill on the ground, and I watched while I listened to the battery smoke and sputter. I wanted to get my drill off that battery. I needed to save my drill. I ran and got my welding gloves and managed to pull the battery off and place it at a distance. The battery had melted holes in the sides of the casings. The battery proceeded to smoke for about 10 minutes, but was too hot to pick up for the next 8 hours. Unfortunately... my drill didn't make it.

He was a good drill. With almost 6 solid years of service. There was no task that he back down from. No job that was too difficult. Whether it was plowing screws through plywood, or drilling holes in slabs of concrete, he never wavered. We've been through a lot together, he and I. We've been through plywood, concrete, drywall, studs, aluminum, and most recently 11 gauge steel.

He will be missed. *sniff*

*Ahem*. Excuse me. I digress. Anyway this should have been an omen. Since the only way I could mill the grain was on full speed, I had a very hard time running my mash process. The liquid did not want to move through the grain bed, leaving dry spots. Leaving me with a low OG.

I wrapped everything up and proceeded to bring R2-DBREW back to the front yard. I made it about half way when I turned around to pull R2 walking forward instead of back which is when tragedy struck. I caught my heel underneath one of the steel 2x2, 11 gauge, square stock legs. All 800+ (estimate?) pounds of R2-DBREW was unrelenting and cut into my heel. I'm no doctor, but it must have bounced off my Achilles' tendon. The blood flowed from my ankle like beer flows during Oktoberfest.

Perfect. I can't walk. The day before my 1 week vacation to Vegas. Not much walking in Vegas right? Wrong. You walk everywhere. Oh, and I forgot to mention the second half of my trip. Hiking the grand canyon. F*(%@.

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