Monday, January 14, 2013

Slippery Fingers and Deep Tanks

I had my second brew day yesterday with R2-DBREW. The brew day itself went very well. It was slow to start (I think I put too much water in the HLT, and didn't turn the heat up high enough), which made for a long brew day, but once I got the pumped primed it was smooth sailing all the way through.

Not one interruption. This surprised me because I was using a tank of propane that I thought was almost empty. I had another for backup I picked up the day before. One concern I still had with R2 was that it'd suck gas like an American Hummer. I thought I killed a good amount of a tank on my last brew, but now I'm wondering how much was actually left in the tank that I traded in. There might have been more than I thought...

The kicker really comes in when I was all done cleaning. When the brewing is done, I chill the wort to 90 degrees. Then I let it sit in the lagerator for a time while I clean up my brewing system. Once I get back to it, it's a good temperature for pitching yeast. So that's what I did. Except this time, I pitched the entire vial of White Labs with it. General consensus on the 'net is that I'll be ok. Honestly there's not much I can do now! Any attempt to retrieve it would just risk contamination further. Here's to hoping. Now the beer is bubbling away just as it should. No detrimental signs yet.

... Just with brew sculptures instead.
Most importantly, there were no crippling injuries. But even with wheels, R2-DBREW is a beast to move off-road. I might just have to put a motor on the thing. We may be able to make a new sport out of this. Brew sculpture racing anyone? Or...

On a side note, photos are up!!

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