Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Happy Birthday to ME

You may have already read my post a few weeks ago. This upcoming weekend is the Philly Craft Beer festival. To say I'm excited is an understatement. I've already gone through some game plans. I've got to bring my laptop to take notes. I'll have my iPhone to take notes on the fly, and even voice recording if need be. I'll have a stack of business cards at my disposal. I'm ready to schmooze with some brewers. I think my true success will be diligently alternating my samples of beer with samples of water. I don't see any other way to start drinking at noon and make it through 80 breweries AND to nightfall (at least). I just don't have the spunk that I used to in my college days I guess. I would expect next weeks post to be late. Earliest a Tuesday post.

On other news, I have an exciting announcement to make. For the longest time, ATOTB has gone largely unchanged. We've added a few extras here and there, but nothing too exciting. I'd like to announce the beginning of a new series of posts called the "Brew Crew." I've tossed around the idea in my head to enlist a few people to write an article sporadically. If I get 3 or 4, I should be able to have a fairly regular posting schedule. Well, so far I've got one, but he's stoked and ready to go. You'll see his first post this Friday! So stay tuned. The plan is to have regular Friday posts, but in the beginning it's not going to be so regular.

Here's another preview of an upcoming post. I just finished my forced flow line cleaner, but haven't had the time or chance to test it out yet. Right now it just looks like a pile of parts in a bucket. Once I give it a shot, I'll give it a full write up.

Wish me luck at my beer fest! And stay tuned for our inaugural Brew Crew post!

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