Monday, February 4, 2013

What Not to Bring to a Superbowl Party

The lack of postage and update this past few weeks is unprecedented. I mentioned the other week that I was down and out with a cold (apparently the flu?) the entire weekend, not beer induced. Well last weekend was a hundred percent beer induced. Had the yearly Monster Jam man outing. PBR came out in full force. I hadn't fully recovered until Tuesday morning. I don't spring back like I used to I guess.

In reference to my slippery fingers, I just transferred my beer to the secondary about an hour ago. The x'fer was over 2 weeks late, due to my... Sub optimal health the past few weekends. At least Monster Jam was fun... I had been pretty worried, because the lagerator had a pretty foul, bitter smell to it. I took a good whiff while transferring and I think we're OK.

But now I sit watching decent commercials interrupted by some sweaty guys slamming into each other while throwing some balls around.

Hmm maybe that doesn't sound right.

The power just went out in the stadium and now they're trying to figure out how to fill the time. I'd hate to be the maintenance guy being chewed out right now because he forgot to replace the 10 year old fuse on the disconnect regularly.

But then I thought, what would you bring to a superbowl party? What would be devastating to a superbowl party? Here's my short list...

To bring to a Superbowl Party:
1) PBR - Or really any cheap light beer. The Superbowl is the pinnacle of cheap beer. There is no other event (save memorial day weekend or any college fraternity party) where the low quality beer comes out in droves like this. This is the perfect application.

2) Yuengling - If you want to pretend to be fancy, bring some Yeungling. Better yet, bring it in cans. Nothing like shotgunning a can of Pennsylvania beer that sounds like it was made in China screams class like that.

3) Sierra Nevada Pale Ale - This is toeing the line of being too fancy for a Superbowl party. It might very well be too fancy. But if you're beer snob friends happen to also watch football, this may be a good choice.

Do NOT bring to a Superbowl Party:
A) Stone Beer - I love Stone. That being said, walking into your party with a case of Double Bastard will certainly get you some WTF looks. Sure people will be curious. But when they try to pound a bottle of double bastard and don't get past a mouthful, the beer will start getting lonely in the corner of the fridge.

B) Dogfish 90 Minute - Lets say you have some IPA lovers. So you've got some Stone IPA, Hopsecutioner, maybe the Sierra Nevada mentioned above. Your friends are half lit, and you switch the beer with a few 6 packs of 90 minute IPA. I give it 90 minutes after that before your buddy is past out under the tree in the backyard.

C) Guiness - lets face it. Hardcore tailgaters and rednecks shy away from Guiness like Republicans on gay pride day at Disney. It just doesn't go over well.

Got any suggestions? Please feel free to post below!

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