Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Legislative Success!

I don't normally like to talk about politics very much. The tactic of mud slinging just seems crude and, well, muddy.

But this is time for rejoice! Mississippi has legalized homebrewing! (As if they weren't already doing it. Now they can just do it publicly)

That's right. The state famous for moonshine, rednecks, cotton, and a nationwide method for counting time without using a watch, now can home brew beer to their hearts content! The tyranny in the government has come to an end! Alabama is now the only state that declares homebrewing illegal.

Now you have to ask yourself Alabama, "If all your friends went and jumped off a bridge, would you?"

If you were me? I'd say... "HELL YES! I like to think I have smart friends. If every single one of them is jumping off a bridge, than there must be something pretty awful happening on that bridge."

In other news, my digital beer menu is progressing. I went and got my Raspberry Pi (RPi as the cool people call it) and all the little accessories to get it work. I'm loving having it. When I doom this one to eternal displaying of what's on tap, I might just have to get another one. To just... have.

Since purchasing the device, nights have been spent on my little netbook researching ways how to make this thing even more awesome. Funny thing about linux that makes life really easy. If you google "how do I (action) in linux X ( X being the flavor of linux, whether it be Ubuntu, Debian, Gnu, Suse, or whatever other weird name you can think of)?" You will get a long list of 101 different ways to get to where you're going. The challenge is sorting through and find out what works best for you. The thing with the internet is, someone else has already done what you're trying to do, not exactly, but pretty damn close. Close enough that you should be able to take it and tweak to your heart's content.

Turns out my little netbook has a 3rd use (aside from internet browsing and blogging). It's a pretty useful terminal to access my RPi with (SSH into, for the nerds keeping track at home). The linux terminal really brings me back to my Dos days.

Let me know if you have any ideas how to make my digital beer  menu more kick-ass! Also, I hope you all are enjoying Brendan's posts! We'll be adding more authors to the lineup soon for the ATOTB Brew Crew!

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