Monday, March 11, 2013

Philly Madness

The Philly Craft Beer Fest was awesome.

You know what wasn't awesome? Highs in the upper 30's. I haven't felt so god damn cold in a long time. My wife and I had a little argument about the levels of layers I was bringing. I saw  no problem bringing a t-shirt, thermal long sleeve, fleece, scarf, shell jacket, and warm hat for the brew fest. She saw it as overkill and a waste of space. I stood my ground. And thank god I did. What's even more crazy? That woman made me run outside that morning. The gym at the hotel was completely packed.

Who uses the gym at the hotel? No one does that!

Well since the gym was occupied Nikki looked at me and said, "Well I guess we run outside."

I looked back at her and said "Are you f*(&ing insane?"

We ran.

When we arrived at the beer fest we waited on line and listened to "Beer Beer Beer" by Darby O Gill. Outside, staring at the entrance, we saw the tents. That's when it dawned on me that this son of a gun is outside. Chris says "no worries, you can hear the heaters running." No. No heaters. Not one. Well I had a beer. After one or two my worries quickly went away. Beer became the focus.

It also dawned on me the inherent problem of a craft beer festival. With all these wonderful beers to drink, you're bound to find a new favorite. I did find new favorites. I found a Imperial Stout and a Double IPA that were amazing. But I can't tell you where the hell they came from. I'm pretty sure one of them was located near the Stone booth (which was also tasty). That would make the brewery either Narrangansett or Oskar Blues. And with 80 breweries giving out 2 oz. samples, if you want to go to each one you're going to end up with ten pints of beer in the 5 hours alotted for the festival. That's a good amount of beer, and not all those beers are under 6% either.

The festival was a blast. Afterwards we retired to our rooms, and after beating the tar out of my brother-in-law (I clearly won, that firefighter aint got nothin on me), we promptly passed out for an hour, then went to dinner. Good times.

On a side note, I hope you all liked the inaugural Brew Crew post by Brendan the other week! We'll have another one by him this week, and in April we should start introducing other authors! Be excited, it'll be some great stuff.

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