Tuesday, April 9, 2013


As an engineer it's pretty natural to the stereotype that I'm a bit OCD. Some of the typical things get me like bad grammar, people pronouncing height "heighth," guys who flush while peeing at the urinal than flush again because they timed it poorly (this habit still confuses me).

But then there's somethings that really bother me that are pretty unique. Don't get me started on the
person asking for meat samples at the deli while there's 5 people waiting behind you. The people that walk around with complete disregard for the flow of traffic. Blatantly stupid people (is that too vague?).

That being said, my desk at work is pretty messy for your standard OCD person. I consider myself a lot more relaxed than your typical OCD. But one thing that absolutely drives me crazy is when something computer related all of the sudden stops working. "Operating system not found" will lead to an interrupted day, hours at the computer, and probably loss a a half a night of sleep. PS3 wont connect to the internet? That's another 4 hours. Sound isn't coming on? There goes the weekend.

I had (and am still having) one of those times right now. I went to spend a little time working on my Raspberry Pi Digital Beer Menu on Sunday afternoon, only to find it inoperable. The background is coming up, but I'm not getting anything else. I lost the rest of the afternoon to troubleshooting this problem. I ended with the assumption that I have to start from scratch. This time I'll be making a solid backup of everything that's working RIGHT. It seems to have started after I tried adding the feature to be able to sync the data with the "cloud."

So now I sit, and after I'm done blogging I'll be cruising into the night setting up my SD card so I can start over. I still have my PHP code, just have to set up the basics; which since I know what works and where to go, shouldn't be all that bad.

Did I just rant for an entire post...?

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