Monday, May 13, 2013


... was amazing.

Easily the best vacation I've taken. Of course the break from work was nice. The total disconnect from the electronic world of constant updates, emails, and alerts was incredible as well. The vacation itself was incredible.

The Irish really know where it's at. The pubs are amazing. The atmosphere in those joints was just perfect. I really wish we had more spaces like that around Orlando. Irish pubs are a perfect happy medium between a truly sketchy hole-in-the wall bar, and some awful trendy club downtown. Heck, even the draft towers are cooler then ours. Each tap handle is like its own mecca to all that is good in that brand. Being able to enjoy multiple beers during the daylight hours without being called an alcoholic is nice too.

The people are awesome, and the music, the live music, is great. The radio stations, however, struggled. I left the states with high expectations. Worst case, I figured, would be some crazy Euro-pop, let only American pop music. But it was worse. Every bar we went into, every restaurant, everywhere we went was playing 80's and 90's pop music. Naturally, Billy Joel and U2 were favorites. But the Pointer Sisters? I can't stand them. Typical mix of a radio station was 45 minutes of talk, one traditional song, one euro-pop song, then eight oldies hits. Many times we drove in the car with nothing but silence to entertain my ears.

The driving... The left side of the road thing wasn't that bad. Actually, it was a piece of cake. The roundabouts were easy as well. What was difficult was the roads. We ended up renting a little Ford Focus, which was disappointing in its' own right. We travel a few thousand miles, and I expect a Citroen, or a Peugeot, a Skoda. No. I get a Ford. Whatever. The point is even in my little Ford Focus, those roads are TIGHT. Many places have 1 lane, two way roads. Taking backcountry winding roads is part of getting there. There is no middle between the highway and the sketchy dirt road. It's either or. Sheep have the right of way. The movie stereotype is real, we had to wait for a big pickup (normal size I suppose but I spent a lot of time in that tiny Focus)  herding sheep.

Stay tuned. We ended up taking over 1400 photos, which we still haven't gone through on the computer. Once we do there will be an album posted on the internet. When it does. You'll find it here!


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