Monday, July 8, 2013

Holy Poop Im Brewing

I'm brewing right now.

Like right this second.

Boil just kicked up and I threw my 60 minute hops into my new stainless steel hop sock. I'm hoping it really does the trick, and we'll see. But as I write this I am somewhat... frustrated.

One thing I'm frustrated about are the garbage rocker switches I purchased from the local parts store. Another one of them has bit the dust on me and I had to open up the box and tie together the wires for my mash tun temp sensor. I did my due diligence ahead of time however, so I was able to get right to brewing (sort of) this morning.
We'llBut what I'm really frustrated about is my mash efficiency. I can't say for sure how crappy it is right now, but my pre-boil efficiency was supposed to come in between a 1.04 and 1.045. I just barely hit 1.03 on my refractometer (which works awesome). I really don't see what I'm doing wrong at this point, but I'm still working out the kinks. This is my process for this recipe:

I heat my mash water to 156. I'm constantly recirculating it, and when I need to add heat I send it through a coil immersed in 180 degree water, and when I don't need heat, I bypass it.

Usually I use the mash water and sparge water that Beersmith suggests. This time as an experiment I tried mashing with my full boil volume and drain the entire thing into my boil kettle. So far, no success. I didn't have the sugar i needed before I drained it into my boil kettle, which doesn't bode well for my OG.

Well we shall see.

EDIT: Oh. My. God. I forgot to add my caramel malt... Le sigh.

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