Monday, July 15, 2013


Mythbusters just did a show on man vs. woman myths. Apparently men suck a multitasking. That doesn't deter me.

Today was my busiest brew day ever. Not only was I brewing, but I was also cleaning kegs, cleaning draught lines, kegging last weeks beer, carbonating and sanitizing. Being so busy almost made me forget about how my efficiency still blows.

Cleaning Kegs
I really thought I had it this time. I spent almost an hour at HeartsHomebrew bouncing ideas back and forth with Dave (the owner). What's the one thing that is different between what used to be, and what is going on now? Filtered water. I figured that maybe, since charcoal was a base, that it pulled my pH out of the range of good sacchrification. So I went back to using the garden hose for today's brew. Turns out it didn't make a lick of a difference.

Cleaning Lines
I have bit the bullet and accepted the fact that my efficiency sucks and poured extra grain into the recipe. I just barely missed my goal. Falling short at an embarrassing 44% efficiency. Though I may have a new lead. I took my thermometer and stuck it into the mash in a number of locations. My mash temperature may be reading almost 5 degrees high. Maybe that five degrees will make a difference...

The silver lining is that I believe I have all the kinks in R2-DBREW worked out. Mechanically, the brew day went off without a hitch. I still have a few rocker switches to replace. But all in all the beast is in good operating condition. It's still heavy as sin, maybe I'll start thinking about paving the path from the garage to the back yard...

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  1. I would calibrate your thermometer if you haven't done so by now.