Monday, July 29, 2013

New Belgium is Coming to Florida

This week New Belgium is finally rolling their beers out in Florida. We Floridians are extremely excited.

I have had coworkers (that are silly enough to take car trips) bringing me back six packs of Ranger for over a year now. My wife and I are absolutely in love with New Belgium's Ranger, and would cherish and fight over bottles that made it back to our house. I even suspect that from time to time my coworkers would intentionally give me just one bottle of beer to see what sort of battle would ensue on my home front.

Those petty home wreckers. You know who you are. As a matter of fact, you're reading this while you're supposed to be doing work right now.

If you don't know who New Belgium is, shame on you. They are most known for their flagship beer, Fat Tire. But they also put out dangerously good brews like Ranger, Shift, Rampant, and a series of seasonals. Like many awesome breweries, it started in some dude's basement in Fort Collin's Colorado. Said dude had a bike fetish, and rode around some sweet European towns looking for awesome beer, and taking notes from what he remembered from black out nights (I may be embellishing a little bit). Sounds like an awesome vacation.

Well that vacation paid off, as now they are the 3rd largest craft brewery in the United States, second only to Samuel Adams, and Sierra Nevada. Like I said, you've probably heard of them, because you likely live in a less sheltered state than Florida. But if you do live in Florida, and you've never had the opportunity to get a hold of a package of Fat Tire. Clear your calendar. Grab a golf club. Call your local purveyor of beer and find out when it's getting delivered. Go early, and be prepared to battle hoards of the undead (see: golf club) to get yourself some. It's going to be an exciting week for you.

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