Monday, July 1, 2013

Stainless Time Machine

Something eventful happened to me today. Something I've never experienced before. Something that many of you haven't experienced as well. No, it has nothing to do with brewing. It's bigger than that. That's right, I said that.

I used duct tape... on a piece of duct.

Anyway, now that you're back up on your chair, we had our brewing competition last Friday. A good time was had by all as usual. I loved the way my beer turned out. Congratulations to Brad, our new homebrewer, for coming in second place out of the five of us! This time we had an unprecedented 25 gallons of beer. Almost every ounce of it was consumed.

Alas. I got last place. Again. This is not what I had hoped for. I got three votes this time. And none of them were my own. I got 3 solid votes this time. I'm grateful, but I was planning on winning this thing.

That being said, I'm not entirely surprised. I hopped the crap out of my beer with Simcoe pellet hops. I was inspired by New Belgium's Ranger IPA. Well when my wife and I tried it, she looked at me and said

"This isn't going to win."

She's blunt like that. I can always count on her for an honest answer. She did butter up to me a little bit...

"I like it. But you aren't going to win tomorrow with this. Which is good, because then you can bring it home and I can drink it."

My beer was pretty heavy. Dark, thick. Which foreshadows on some clarity issues I've been having. There were noticeable chunks floating around. I thought it tasted great, another buddy said it was his new favorite. I even got a lot of complements saying I always have unique beers (I think that's a complement). But unique doesn't win the popular vote. Oh well, till next time.

In the meantime I did finally order what is effectively a gigantic stainless steel teabag. The thing looks like a
weird stainless time capsule, or maybe some giant alien suppository. Whatever your imagination tells you, it's intended to hold back pellet hops from messing up your brew day. I ordered it from StainlessBrewing. We'll see how it works on my brew day next weekend.

Cooking up an ESB next weekend! Have a safe and happy 4th of July everyone. Don't blow off your foot.

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