Monday, August 5, 2013


Today was another brew day.

I In-sink-erated my stir bar.

I bent two thermocouples.

I shattered my hydrometer.

But, today was a good day. I almost hit 60% efficiency. For the first time since maybe last November, I will have a higher starting gravity than I expected. Ooorah!

The stir bar was unfortunate. It started two weeks ago when I brewed and forgot to take the stir bar out of my yeast starter. I dumped it into the fermenter with the rest of the starter and thought well, I'll get it next week. That's not entirely true I guess. My true stream of consciousness was Well, shit. There's no way I'm going to remember that's in there. I'll try to get it next week. Well I did forget. And I never even saw it hurtling down into the garbage disposal. The advertisement says you can grind almost anything. So far, it's true. It took a little doing, and it wasn't even until I ground that little puppy up for a few minutes until I even looked down. Which is when I saw the cracked carapace of my little stir bar. Looked liked one of Universal's Minions took a dive into a snow blower. I only ever found bits of the shell, the magnet is now part of the Ocoee waste management system. 

This just in! As I write this, my wife is cooking dinner and made an attempt to grind some leftover chicken guts. Well, it sounded like my little chewed up minion was jumping around the inside of the disposal with a big ol' monkey wrench. Turns out, the magnet was not part of the Ocoee waste managment system. But broken up into three tiny magnets, all stuck to the walls of my disposal. Fun.

The thermocouples were the only things that broke because of me being a jackass. Which is pretty good for today because most of my accidents are from me being a jackass (see: welding sunburns, broken anti lock braking sensors, and a torn tire sidewall). While returning R2-DBREW back to the garage i made a run to get over a tree root. I didn't get over it, and my kegs fell off R2 and bent the thermocouples attached in half.

Yeah they're not supposed to bend like that.

Finally, and this is the accident I'm most excited about, I shattered my hydrometer. I was done with everything, just doing some final cleanups. Took my wine thief out of my sanitizing tube, went to slide the hydrometer out, and where my hand was gripping, the hydrometer just slid right through. But now I have an excuse to get a pair of cool narrower scale hydrometers from Northern Brewer.

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