Friday, January 3, 2014

Look Who's Back F*ckers

I know many of you were probably deeply concerned about me. I dropped off the face of the blogosphere so suddenly, it took a lot of you by surprise. I know I should have responded sooner. Let all of you know that I'm ok. But I didn't. However I do appreciate all the money you've spent in search parties, telethons, billboard campaigns, and printed condoms with my picture on it...

I am ok! AND I'M BACK INTERNET! Somewhat a different man than I was before. Better? Maybe. Happier? I don't know. Just different.

I've been waiting to write this post for a while. I wasn't sure how to present it. Whether it be on some epic day, or on my once typical Monday post. Write a song or write it in goat excrement. Maybe a Vlog (no, that would be creepy).

Like I said in my last post my equipment did not get run over by a truck. The house didn't burn down. R2-
DBREW did not fall in the pool. The truth is my wife, the SWMBO, hit me with a divorce that caught me completely off guard. It's been a difficult few months. I put down brewing all together. Hell, I haven't brewed since August 5th. To cope I went out and bought a Jeep, which I've been spending most of my daylight time with. That on top of saying yes to every social invitation has left me with very little time, and brewing just fell by the wayside. I've been talking about brewing for the past month or so, but now I'm finally, FINALLY, doing it! Tomorrow morning I fire up R2-DBREW and make a classic batch of my Clean Blonde Ale. I've rolled him out back. I've hooked him up, replaced his rocker switches, and gave him a full functionality test. Sit rep is green, Houston we are a go. Just as I was doing the tests the rush came back to me, the inspiration came back like an Australian boomerang. It was time. It was time to come back to...

A Tale of Two Brewers.

How am I doing? I thought you'd never ask. Things are... ok. The ex wife moved out about the same time as my last posting. So it's just been me in the house for the past 4 months. Well, with the dogs of course, thank god for my sweetheart brewing assistants Sam and Savannah. They've been very supportive. Things have changed, for the good and for the worse I suppose. The guest bedroom is now full of Jeep parts, which from a man perspective is awesome. The house is a lot less complain-y. R2 DBREW now lives were he works so I don't have to haul him back and forth from the garage anymore. I have a god damn JEEP! And now I can grow my homebrewing business without answering to anyone... Stainless Fermenator here I come!!!

But really, I am good. Unless you want to donate money because you pity me. In that case I'm having a tough time. And my paypal button is on the sidebar to the right. Thanks.

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