Wednesday, May 21, 2014

International Conflict

I feel like I'm full of excuses and apologies recently in the blog. Well, recently, I've been... distracted. The truth is, I found someone. She's quiet. She doesn't mind if I work late. She lets me do anything I want to her. Sometimes, on the weekend I flip her over and...

Wait. It's not what you're thinking. Meet my new love interest Svetlana.

So I haven't been doing much brewing. I've been spending upwards of 10 hours every weekend getting Svetlana back in shape. It's coming along, but not quickly.

But I did get a recent boost of motivation. Went to the bar Redlight Redlight (@redlightx2) here in Central Florida. Got a few great craft beers and ran into a lovely lady, Laura, who was taking pictures.

And who could resist taking a picture of me, right?

Laura is with Brown Distributing which distributes beer to a whole crapload of places in Florida (and Virginia, but who cares about them). Well we talked, I bragged about my beer blog, and she gave me her card. She also introduced me to Gerard Walen (@roadtripsforbeer), the editor for, who I've been following for some time now. Also happens to have written a book. Check it out. Of course I bragged about my blog to him as well.

Well shit.

All this bragging and I haven't posted since I almost killed my dog back in January. I even let my domain name laps unintentionally. I was going to say accidentally, but I have to admit I knew it was happening. Credit card expired and I never updated my account. My lazy ass just didn't get around to updating it.

Well let's get this rolling right!?


I hear it's a bad time to be pissing of Asians. Well tough nuts. Apparently there's groups of people sitting out
there waiting for domains like mine to expire. As my friend tells me "domains that have traffic that lapses will get snatched up." Traffic? Traffic? I get a couple hundred views a month. Pales in comparison to what "popular" sites get. So now I'm pissed off. After a few emails back and forth with Google, and a few more back and forth with Enom, I find out that my website was snatched by some Asian with a website An under construction website none the less.

Note: I am not providing the web address for advertisement, but if there's any hackers out there that have some time on their hands, have at it

I just don't get it. What's this guy think he's going to get? He stole an amatuer blogger's website address. How much does he think he's going to get out of me? 20 bucks? Really banking there. I have an Amazon resellers account that hasn't paid out in 4 years because I haven't hit 100 bucks in sales (ahem, this is when you feel guilty and click on the Amazon link on the right). Advertisement? Yeah, again with the 100 buck minimum. Still waiting for that to pay out. 

At this point all I'm really doing is ranting. I'm pissed off about it sure. But it was my mistake, and I take responsibility for it. Maybe that guy out there will read this and feel really bad (yeah right). Anywho, please take a moment to reset your bookmarks to

If you really haven't notice the "two" became a "2." Clever, I know.

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